Pre Training Meals, Fat Loss Plateaus, Training As You Age, and More…

Episode 555

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Show notes


4:10 – If you could have any car ever, what would it be?

8:35 – I’ve been out of the game for a bit after having our first child, but I would love to jump back into coaching. I have about 5 years of personal training experience at a gym and am a certified health coach as well. I feel like at this point in life my efforts need to be in starting my own business and building clientele. I look up to you and what you’ve created so much! One thing I would love some insight on is when you first get started on your own, how did you go about all the legal stuff? I get so tripped up over if I need to create my own PAR-Q and health history forms amongst others.. or if I should seek legal advice from someone who knows the industry and they write up forms for you? I know I’d need insurance but all the other stuff I’m not even sure where to start!

14:00 – When I do specific arm movements I tend to feel like I’m getting tennis elbow (tendinitis), especially movements with the bar. I switched to DB and that helped. Anything I can do to help this or just avoid those specific exercises?

17:30 – What are your thoughts on doctors prescribing diet pills for patients? I’m disturbed a doctor is giving that to my mother in law

22:15 – Staying physically healthy as you get older, specifically things we can do proactively to prevent injury.

26:05 – Any helpful tips for clients that have seen a weight loss stall? Background: client is consistent with tracking, workouts, and has minimal alcohol/meals out, biofeedback is looking good. A maintenance phase was utilized in weeks prior.

28:35 – Any good resources for those trying to lose weight that have thyroid issues?

32:25 – Tips on tracking burnout… possibly tips on transitioning from full tracking to taking a break but still staying within goals?

37:30 – How far ahead of time can I prime for my workouts? For example, can I prime my body for squats at home, spend 15 minutes driving to the gym, and go straight into squatting?

39:50 – Wanting to lift 4 days, be Athletic, but also perform big lifts and grow glutes with some accessories which tailored trainer program would be best?

45:20 – Would love some information about mini-cuts. When is a good time to start a mini cut (besides feeling fluffy)and how aggressive should you be? Do you go straight from surplus to deficit?

50:50 – Fueling properly before and after workouts for optimal muscle growth/minimal deterioration. Food or supplements or both?

54:30 – My girlfriend found out she has PCOS and she wanted to know some nutrition tips/protocols that would help her manage the PCOS and avoid weight gain. I know this is based on the individual, but what are some things you do to help your clients crush their fitness goals in spite of their PCOS?


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