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Q&A – Calorie Partitioning, When Muscle Soreness is Beneficial, Periodizing Maintenance Phases, and More…

Episode 252

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Show notes

3:30 – If you eat at maintenance (no deficits/diet breaks) and strength train with periodization, can you change your body comp over the long term (1 year+)?

18:40 – In a fat loss setting, when you’re adjusting (increasing) protein intake from someone who’s eating a very low protein diet, how much do you increase it by initially?

23:25 – Does soreness in a muscle group post training mean that muscle is breaking down and building? Is it a good indication? (Not extremely painful) does it mean I went to failure?

34:02 – Can you go more in depth on P ratio (partitioning) and tips on optimizing or improving it?

40:00 – How long do you usually put people into a maintenance phase post reverse? Is it possible to do mini cuts during that time after ‘x’ amount of weeks?

Going on with that: If the person doesn’t lose any weight during that mini cut, even if they are in a 25%+ deficit, would you say that their reverse wasn’t over and you need to get their calories up higher? Or that they need to stay at their new maintenance for longer? (I.e., you dieted too soon and you need to get their metabolism happier for a longer period of time before you start pulling calories).

Part 3 to the question: What does training typically look like when you have someone who is metabolically adapted and you are reversing them up? For arguments sake, lets say this client isn’t a cardio bunny and is already doing strength 3-4x a week. Do you make adjustments if the person is willing? Or do you keep that the same and focus on calories?

Finally: If someone got stage lean and reversed out of it, are they in a better position for successful fat loss if they complete the reverse / maintenance phase properly? There’s a lot of talk about body fat set point, but with a reverse I feel like if that client puts on 10kg+ their end reverse weight would be their new ‘BF set point”.

54:16- What’s something (training, personal development, etc) that you believed 12 months ago that you’ve now done a complete 180 on? What changed your view?

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