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All Things Training Q&A

Episode 341

Today’s Q&A is nothing but training talk!


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Show notes

8:10 – Full time working mom here who uses her garage gym to workout at 4am, 5 days a week. What would be the best split if I only have 45 min-hour each morning and limited equipment. I want to maximize my time to produce quality workouts over quantity.

19:20 – If your on a training program (4 day upper lower split) and your goal reps are 12 reps and weeks pass and you’re stuck not getting 12 reps for all 3 sets (say 12, 10, 8 etc…) how long do you keep trying before you give up and reduce the weight so you can get the reps? Some exercises like standing overhead dumbbell press it seems like I’ve been stuck with 15 lb dumbbells forever and can never get 3 sets of 12. Note: I do bench press before overhead press so it’s probably impacting my shoulder strength but what can I do if I’m never able to overload an exercise?

24:20 – Favorite muscle-building finishers for each split or muscle group?

38:34 – Too much cardio can actually hamper your muscle gain by slowing recovery and burning up calories. Okay. But lower, slower aerobic exercise can help with recovery, can reset the central nervous system & can increase hunger, so you can eat more cals. When (pre or post strength training/other days/..), how often and which type of cardio do you suggest for supplementing your strength work. Does this also somehow apply to Crossfit-style (high intensity) training?
42:25 – 
How can someone enhance nervous system recovery? (your body itself is recovering well from your training volume & intensity, but your nervous system isn’t) How would you measure the recovery of your nervous system besides overall well-being and HRV?

44:30 – How often do you program Speed Work into your Program?

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