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Cody McBroom:

Being An Evidence Based Coach, Truth About Inflammation, and Setting Up Your Cardio

Episode 205

Today’s podcast is focused around 3 simple topics. Evidence-based coaching, inflammation, and cardio. These questions have been brought up to me time and time again, so I decided to dedicate an entire show to them! Remember, if you want YOUR questions answered you can click the following link and send me a message directly! ASK BOOM-BOOM YOUR QUESTION HERE!

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Show notes

(1:40) – What does it mean to be an evidence-based coach?

(30:45) – Inflammation, what is it? How do you determine what this means and if it’s something to worry about, for you?

(40:05) – What should my weekly split look like with cardio?

Thanks for listening!

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BOOM BOOM-Fall2018_0360

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