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Worst Fad Diets, How Much Weight Gain Is Acceptable On A Reverse Diet, and More…

Episode 317

Key Takeaways


Dr. Jose Antonio Protein Study - https://jissn.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1550-2783-11-19


Mike Millner's Podcast (Interview with myself) - https://apple.co/2Nv9suL

Jason Phillips Interview - https://apple.co/2u60ihn


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Show notes

10:15 – How do you help individuals Who have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism?


17:00 – Is it beneficial to be taking any EAA or BCAA before and/or after I lift? If so, why and which would be preferable? If not, why not?


21:15 – What would you recommend females that get off the pill but having huge pain during their period. Any Tips?


25:35 – Favorite Fad Diet Claims that are so Ridiculous you laughed out loud?


31:40 – Any tips for Knee inflammation after training? Is it just more of overdoing it, or does it just come with the territory with training?


35:10 – Can a person eat too much protein?


40:25 – I have heard that it is normal to gain some weight while on a reverse diet (from water fluctuation and carbs getting back to the body), but how much is normal and when should I stop adding calories? I started from 1500 cal and have worked up to 1750 cal, and now recently my bodyweight has increased by 0.7-1kg in two weeks. (I added 50 cal every week and carbs have gone from 140-150 to 200-220g). I haven’t noticed any unusual fat gains/water retention. Should I Stop adding calories and make this my new maintenance or is this normal and I should go on with my reverse diet? I am not really happy that my cal intake is this low, but I need to be in the weight class in powerlifting comps. I am just worried that I start maintenance too soon… few stats about me; 5’2” and 114.5kg (went down from 130lbs to 112lbs), training 4x a week and have increased training volume and intensity with the reverse diet.


47:15 – Since February I have been weightlifting and have lost about 30lbs. I am down to about 114 lbs and 5’3 and thought that this would be my goal (below it even) but i still have some stomach fat and other fat i would like to lose. I am burnt out of being in fat loss and am dying to get calories up so i can gain strength in the gym. I feel my newbie gains are slowing down and it’s getting harder to get stronger, and I’m really excited to move on to getting stronger at maintenance. I’m eating about 1400 right now and walk 20k steps a day (student) and my losing has slowed to about .6 lb average a week. should I keep at it for a while longer to try and lose the stomach fat? or start reversing our? thank you in advance for the advice!!


50:50 – I follow your page and I loved macros when I started them. I started seeing results and was consistently losing about a pound a week, it was motivation to keep going, I’m the type of person who dives in head first to what I do. However, I suddenly stopped losing weight and even started gaining. I was still super compliant with my macros and my weights. I was irregular so my first thought was fiber, maybe my cut in carbs caused insufficient fiber. Well I upped my carbs but I’m still below maintenance, became more regular but I’m still gaining weight. I have been on these macros a little over 12 weeks so I’m thinking I should’ve gone ahead and taken a diet break to eat at maintenance, but honestly I’m scared to lose my progress and my weight has been slowly increasing anyway, what are your thoughts


55:20 – I need an opinion on my prep macros 4 weeks out.

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