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Episode 517

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Show notes



2:00 – How do you feel about nutrition programs for coaches that put together meals plans based on macros you set, such as evolution nutrition?

8:00 – Benefits of doing isometric holds, drop sets, Back off sets, changing tempo? Some have evidence to support while other styles are just “fun”, curious what you think the best/worst variations are and how we should implement them into training / programming.

13:45 –  I’m a nurse working three 13-hour shifts per week, three days in a row, so I have four days off in a row every week. I’m currently training on a 4-day a week upper-lower split. Do you think there are any major negatives from training 4 days in a row and then having 3 days in a row off?

16:45 – Is it possible to permanently increase your metabolic rate/maintenance calories by doing phases of massing to put on lean body mass then cut back down and relating this?

19:00 – In your coaching experience do you think months of chronic dieting can really lower your maintenance calories a significant amount?

20:20 – How to get back into an exercise program after being sick? I am fairly new to lifting (8 months). I have the flu at the moment and have been off from training for a week. How long should I wait before I start my program again? What advice do you have for starting after illness/flu.

23:28 – Is being “very“ lean as a female (for a longer period of time) ok if you’re feeling good ? I think I’m somewhere between 10-15% body fat.

28:10 – Tips or strategies on managing depression and anxiety?

38:45 –  Do you ever monitor your blood sugar to check for insulin sensitivity?

42:16 – As a fitness coach, what should my content be based on? Education, stories, relatability?

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