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Jordan Dugger – Coaching 101: Research Meets Application

Episode 256

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My Interview on “Flow State of Mind” (Jordan and Erin’s Podcast) -


Muscle and Strength Pyramids: Training -

Muscle and Strength Pyramids: Nutrition -


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This is THE Coaching episode. Listen to my good friend Jordan Dugger and I dive into what it really means to be an evidence based coach and learn the methods, strategies and philosophies from an individual who prioritizes education, while getting his clients phenomenal results.

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Show notes

5:10 – Jordan’s backstory

8:40 ­– Quitting your 9-5 to follow your passion.

12:00 – Furthering your education as a coach with REAL tools.

17:45­ – Coaches putting clients into calorie deficits.

21:10 – The role of a client’s mindset inside of coaching success.

28:09 – What keeps Jordan so motivated and so consistent.

38:00 – Reverse dieting and nutrition periodization.

43:02 – Finding a balance with dieting and maintaining.

47:37 – The importance of spending time gaining muscle BEFORE dieting down.

51:05 – The nutritional order of importance to getting a client lean.

55:50 – Meal timing and how it relates with adherence.

59:45 – Jordan’s favorite training split.

1:02:15 – ­ Optimal gaining rate for different experience levels.

1:04:52 – Jordan’s favorite artist to listen to while training

1:05:28 – Jordan’s favorite way to educate himself. Read or listen?

1:06:22 – Rapid fire personality questions

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