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Cody McBroom:

Training As You Age, My Message To The World, Top Fitness Icons, Building Your Training Split, and More…

Episode 210



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Show notes

(5:10) – If you had 30 seconds to send a message to the entire world, what would you say?

(13:50) – Due to a recent injury, I’m unable to train at all. Went from lifting 4-5 days per week to no weight training and slow walking 1-2 miles per day max. How do I adjust diet so in 6 months to a year when I’m able to train again I don’t have 30 lbs to lose first.

(19:35) – How do you feel about an advanced natural trainer in a hypertrophy phase using a body part split every 5th day. Example: M-chest, T-Back, W- legs, TH-Shoulders, F- Arms, and then it repeats starting on Saturday-Chest, Sunday-back, etc……4-6 week phase. I understand no rest days but classic bodybuilding isn’t very fatiguing for an advanced lifter. Thoughts?”

(26:25) – Approach to mindset in the gym as we age and chances of matching and/or surpassing old strength PRs are no longer realistic. This is something I have had to do an ego check on as I’m nearing my forties.

(31:15) – If your house was on fire and your entire family has already made it to safety, what do you grab in the 30 seconds before you exit?

(33:15) – Do you count collagen powder toward your macros or not since it’s a “supplement”.

(35:05) – Top Fitness Icons?

(42:25) – Intuitive Eating. How to Start? How to know when to transition? Habits to create and how to create them?

(45:10) – You spoke on how both science and experience is beneficial. You mentioned that it allows you to take many different approaches as needed. I agree, but when do you know that are being to flexible with a client?

(50:10) – For a ketogenic diet, keto supplements are usually highly recommended? But shouldn’t we be able to consume all our nutrients through food? Hearing about the importance of supplements makes me question if a ketogenic diet is really that sustainable and optimal?

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BOOM BOOM-Fall2018_0360

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