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Q&A – All Things Training

Episode 303

Today’s Q&A Podcast is about ALL THINGS TRAINING! I decided to pick out the top training questions received this week and go off that. Next week will be nutrition focused!

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Show notes

2:14- What are the best accessory exercises for powerlifting to get my core and knee stability better that i don’t have to compensate with hips so much? Also. I train 4 days per week: squat day, bench day, deadlift day and one additional accessory day. Should I need another 5th day for accessory work or is the 4 day split fine? Thank you so much for your answer. I really really love your podcast and I look forward for every episode.

25:55  – How would you structure a workout for a women as opposed to a man?

38:48 – Do you ever have a client that tells you a movement isn’t hard enough? But your intent (which has been communicated) is a lighter weight, controlled tempo, positional emphasis… curious your experience and thoughts?

43:35 – Let’s say I only have 45 minutes to workout while on a cut, what type of workout will be best? Upper lower, 5 day split, etc.

48:42 – When we talk about sets per muscle group per week, for example you mentioned for intermediate 15-20 sets, how many reps are we talking per set? How do we determine how many reps? Best things you have found to help with DOMS?

54:18 – Did you watch the CrossFit games and how did you like the new format?

55:10 – What if you gain weight easily but you’re not gaining muscle easily. Hormonal thing if Training stimulus is right? What to do? Only having a slight surplus? Doing a carb/calorie cycle?

56:20 – Online coaching cues to make sure your clients are pushing and engaging the way they should. Tips for online training. Your opinion on the best progression program for powerlifters. Your opinion on cardio when how much

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