Dieting While Stressed, Adjusting Listener’s Macros, and More…

Episode 382

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Show notes


1:52 – Updates on Tailored Coaching Method Decals

10:30 – Currently in a reverse diet after losing 50ish lbs in 2019. I followed your advice on where to go with my macros during this reverse, and my current macros are set at 130 protein, 180 carbs, 50 fat. My problem is most days I go over on protein and under on carbs, i know 130P is already on the higher end of what I need, so I guess my question is it a problem for me to hit more like 160C and 150P? I know it won’t be more beneficial, I just really like eating protein more than carbs. Part of this is because carbs usually tend to trigger binges for me, whereas protein does not. I don’t eat red meat and I’m getting plenty of fiber as I eat a ton of veggies each day. just wondering if this is okay or if i should try and find more carbs that i can tolerate without eating the whole house! Thank you as always!

20:35 – Any deadlifting and squatting tips/cues for people with long legs? I am fairly new to deadlifting and I feel like I have to bend so far down to pick the bar off the ground, and when squatting sometimes I feel like a newborn baby giraffe!

25:20 – I apologize in advance if this drags, but I want to give you the full picture. I started my fitness journey 2 1/2 years ago by joining a local bootcamp and started working out 5-6 days a week, mostly a combo of HIIT and weights. I had already been tracking my food (not macros), just managing calories and started eating cleaner and upped my protein. Saw some results as far as increased energy and strength, but nothing huge. Definitely formed some good habits. Fast forward to January 2019 when I started tracking macros. I did some research online and filled out like 5 free macro calculators and used the numbers I thought fit best. I started a cut and definitely saw results. I upped my calories by a few hundred because I had super low energy and continued my cut for 8-12 weeks. It was the first time in my life (at 40 years old after 2 babies) that I saw any semblance of abs and muscle definition. I reversed up to maintenance throughout March/April and stayed around 1700 calories (I’m petite at 5’2” and at the time, about 110-112). I stayed a maintenance until 3 weeks ago. I started a cut (which I had planned to do, but not until Spring) to lean out a bit. I had put on a little extra holiday weight (was up to 120) and want to get lean again before summer. My question is, going forward, should I continue to cut for 8 weeks and then reverse to maintenance? Should I do re-feed day(s) or diet breaks? I’ve been listening to your podcast and am loving all the info, but am a bit overwhelmed. So many things to consider in this whole process! I know it’s better to just do it and adjust as necessary, but I’d like to be smart about it. Besides continuing with bootcamp, I’ve just started weight training at home, although with limited equipment at the moment. Slowly starting to build a home gym. I don’t want to just get lean, I also want to build muscle. I’m not training for anything in particular, just enjoying being healthy and liking seeing the positive change in my body. Thanks for all the great info you put out there! I’m definitely learning a lot!

35:45 – What advice do you have for clients going through a stressful time and don’t have their usual appetite? I’m in the middle of a launch and last thing on my mind is food and having a difficult time eating sometimes but I know I need to eat to grow.

39:55 – Can you do a mini cut during a recovery diet if you’re doing it from a long term benefit point of view? Completely selfish question. Been doing a reverse and had horrible biofeedback, so went to a recovery diet. Went from 47kg to 69kg at 5’3. Biofeedback still isn’t great, much better than it was.

45:40 – Would love to know where you would start when training an advanced age individual. 70+. This individual is an ex pro baseball player. Used to be extremely fit. Hasn’t done much over the last decade+ though. He has expressed his desire to jump again and do a push up. He can perform squats with out assistance but has lost the connection on being able to jump. How would you go about programming his training to be able to hopefully one day succeed at both of those goals

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