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Just Some Of The People Who’ve Changed
Their Bodies and Lives

Meredith Savatsky

This is a reverse diet transformation! She spent 13 months reverse dieting and completely recomped, building muscle and burning fat. This is ONLY a 3-4lb total loss, but clearly there were major changes (not too mention that her calories nearly doubled in the process).

Mike Dickinson

From 201lbs to 169lbs (32lbs down!) - Mike dieted down to his lowest weigh in ever, then reverse dieted back up to a high caloric intake (over 300g carbs) WHILE maintaining his new lower body fat percentage. Now he spends his time building muscle and living lean!

Martin Foster

From 190lbs to 174lbs, SHREDDED. The cool thing about this progress picture is that Martin tweaked his training based on listening to our podcast and reading our content, along with following the dietary methods outlined in our Tailored Nutrition Method ebook. Knowledge is power and this is just a SMALL glimps of the education our clients get.

Tracy Vogler

12 Weeks of Nutrition Coaching – 12.8lb of Body Fat Lost!. Tracy signed up in order to win her work's transformation challenge... and she CRUSHED the challenge and won first prize.

Trevor Gutting

"Working with TCM for nutritional coaching was a game-changer for me. I started off at 159 lbs with a goal to make lean gains. I have been an avid lifter and been eating healthy for the past four years. I came to a point where hit a plateau in my nutrition and my training progress stalled, so I made a choice to work with Cody after months of listening to his podcasts and devouring his content.

Over seventeen weeks, I leaned out, built muscle, and gained strength. I got my first Dexa Scan after the seventeen weeks and I am 164 lbs and 9% body-fat. Cody didn’t just prescribe me certain meals to eat every day, he provided me an ever-changing plan based on macros that supported my training. He doesn’t force you to follow any certain fad diet either. I was able to eat the foods I enjoy!"

Going forward I plan to use the knowledge I gained from working with Cody and keep applying them in my own life, as well as, people I work with. If you are looking to take your training and/or nutrition to the next level. Or, you just need a kick in the butt, reach out to Cody. He will work with you to design a plan to become the best version of yourself.

Jessi Eadie

Jessica worked with me for a full year, losing 50+ lbs and even stepping on stage at Emerald Cup as a Bikini Competitor. In the midst of her transformation, she discovered a new passion and is now a coach herself!


Katie spent 16 weeks completely transforming her body, building muscle and burning fat (while improving her performance in running and in the gym), with our Tailored Nutrition Coaching.

Flo Purganan

"As a coach, Cody has pushed me more than anyone else I have ever worked with before. He has helped me to better understand and get in tune with my own mind and body. With his guidance, I have surpassed levels of strength and conditioning that I didn’t realize were possible. He is wise beyond his years, and has imparted volumes of knowledge regarding training and nutrition. He motivates and inspires me not only to give 100% to my workouts, but also to be my best in all other aspects of my life. He is always available and is quick to respond anytime I have a question or feel discouraged. It is for these reasons that I would recommend Cody and his team as a coaching company to anyone looking to make meaningful changes in their life. Most of all, Cody does it with all his heart."

Fabi Ferrarini

Cover Model and Fitness Influencer, Fabi, took her training and nutrition to the next level with TCM!

"As a trainer myself, within the last 12 weeks, I have learned a lot with Cody. He is not the ordinary trainer that expects you to eat specific meals and do certain workouts, along the way, he’s constantly teaching and making sure that as his client you are understanding why things are changing!"

John Hanna

"I was concerned at first that an online program wouldn’t be as effective as working with someone who was local. I was also concerned I wouldn’t be able to make the fitness and nutrition program work for my busy life as a dad of two teenagers, who works and is married to a woman who has different fitness goals.

But I went for it and since I have seen a dramatic change in my body. At 47, I thought I was too old to ever see abs. But in only three months of consistent work, I’m in the best shape and health of my life. I’m stronger and my body fat is the lowest it’s ever been. I have abs!

I like how involved and responsive Cody is during the process. I never feel that I’m given a plan and just left alone to do it. There are ongoing communication and accountability – in a way that really works for me."

Angela Pham

"I LOVE the training. I felt strong again, I powered through the conditioning, my metabolism had kicked back in, I could rep out just as many push-ups as the guys and my clothes fit perfectly, highlighting and accentuating the parts of my body that I wanted show off (my booty and my arms!). Never in a million years did I think that I could be both strong, lean, sexy and able to eat carbs ALL at the same time. TCM definitely helped me develop a better relationship with food and though it’s still a struggle on some days, they've proven to me that they're always there to help me through it (they actually give a shit and dig into the details to understand you as an individual client).”

Cia Oh

"Cia has done it all, lost the weight – added lean muscle – hit the figure and bikini stage – and now, she’s a coach herself! Helping others do the same!"

Eric Vu

Total body transformation made by Eric was done using our Tailored Trainer Fitness Systems, alongside the Tailored Nutrition Coaching.

Tim Anderson

"I've been consistently losing body fat while increasing my strength and endurance. I not only recommend working with TCM, I highly encourage it."

Bayley - WWE Star

Bayley, the WWE Wrestling Star with more titles than ANY female in the sport's history, uses Tailored Coaching Method to keep her ready for the ring!

Chad Gable - WWE Star

Chad, WWE Wrestling Star and world class wrestler, uses Tailored Coaching Method to keep him ready for the ring and constantly looking shredded.


Chris had a complete recomp, building muscle and burning fat. We systematically increased calories (via carbs), made sure his training variables were equated for, and worked on lifestyle factors which brought him to this place so far. ⁣

Marianne Salard

Marianne lost over 80lbs and completely transformed her life, inside and out!

Sara Potter

"Having a coach that cares, not because you are paying them but because they genuinely care for your well-being and progress, is life-changing, especially when it comes to food and nutrition. Nutrition influences not only our physical appearance but our emotions, hormones, and our ability to believe in and build our self-esteem and our belief in ourselves.

I know I would not be where I am at right now, recovering from an eating disorder, loving and appreciating my body, enjoying the process and performing magic tricks in the gym, if it wasn’t for Cody’s sincerity in being a coach, and helping and encouraging me to be my best self and believe anything is possible.”

Kelly Dowell

Really proud of Kelly, who achieved her goal of getting stage ready and the best part was that we didn’t have to remove some of her favorite foods to get there (chocolate cherry milk duds, was one to be specific) AND to add to it, worked around a broken foot getting there! She’s a trooper!

Jeremiah Bair

Jeremiah, a personal trainer himself, came to us wanting to dial things in for a specific and individualized nutrition and training protocol. In the process he’s PR’d every single compound lift, increased his own knowledge for his clients, and cut 18lbs of PURE body fat in the process – going from 215-197lbs.

Kevin Knudson

Kevin made a 2-year commitment to coaching and made a complete recomposition.


Kelly spent a few months dialing in nutrition, to reveal a serious six-pack!

Sean Stewart

"After a few short months of working in Cody’s coaching program I started to notice a huge transformation in myself. Not only was I getting stronger and losing fat, but everyone in my life began remarking on how I didn’t even seem like the same person anymore. I had a ton more energy and a surprising amount of confidence."

Julie Lindenberg

Julie made a serious recomp, only losing 1.75lbs! But as you can tell, she got much leaner than what the scale made it seem to be.

Kevin P.

In 4 months, Kevin dropped 22lbs and got shredded for his roles on set in Hollywood!

Brandon Whitehead

Before Brandon was a coach with TCM, he was a client who got shredded and won 1st place at his first physique competition!

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