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Episode 398
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Show notes

7:35 – My question to you is about what I need to do based on my progress. I reached maintenance with a coach about 6 months ago and have remained there since. I have noticed a trend that I have been slowly starting to gain weight (scale number) and also have physique changes (less toned/ losing definition). My workout routine has changed since finding maintenance, by doing more lifting and less cardio. With being a girl I get nervous when the number of the scale goes up but I don’t want to get in the negative head space and panic when it could be normal or good for me. Have gained 2 lbs in about a month and a half without trying if that makes sense. Only macro change in the time frame has been increased protein (130 to 145g) about 2 weeks ago. I’m lean for my height (128 lbs 5′ 10), biofeedback is good, hormones are good.

12:20 – Hey Cody, I have a question for your podcast and would love your expertise. I have a new client with a goal to lose fat. She is 175 lbs looking to get down to 165. She trains 45 minutes of cardio and 30 min of weight training 3x per week…in the past she’s consumed 1500-1600 calories in an attempt to lose the weight. In my calculations this intake isn’t really enough even with the goal of fat loss. I have suggested she consume 1800 daily with a 35/25/40 split P/C/F (as suggested by PN for an endomorphic body type). She is really nervous about the calorie increase…am I wrong to start her here? I figured it best to start at a base and remove as needed during the process. If I’m wrong I would love to know and my suggestion is right I would love to be able to better explain to her how more calories will help her lose weight. I have explained she likely caused a bit of a metabolic adaptation from under consuming in the past. Sorry to be long winded, I appreciate your advice.

23:35 – Hi Cody I have a question if you don’t mind. Do you have any info on what HCG diets do to metabolism? Do you think it affects it negatively? Especially in someone with long hx of yo-yo dieting, chronic intermittent or extended fasting?

33:42 –  If our circadian rhythm influences the metabolism/processing/utilization of the food we eat, energy production, and, subsequently impacts body composition, how does traveling and time zones affect this?

38:00 – Have you heard anything about eating according to your central nervous system?

41:30 – Hey Cody! Love your podcast so so much! I decided to embark on phase of building up my metabolism before my next cut. My plan is to focus on slowly increasing calories while building muscle in a 6 day split. My question for you is regarding NEAT. I currently average 9,000 steps per day. Should I am to keep that steady during my metabolic building phase or should I try to slowly increase NEAT in addition to adding calories gradually over this 12 week building phase? Thank you so much for your help!

45:00 – Everyone who exercises says it gives you so much energy, for me it doesn’t. I feel so empty & drained and I can barely stay awake, I work from home so it’s not a disaster if I have to take a nap, but I have no energy, my NEAT is waaaaaaay down, which bothers me a lot. I eat at maintenance, my weight has been stable with the macro’s I have for a while now. I eat 90% voluminous & nutritious foods. On the days I workout fasted (at 9:30 am) the fatigue hits me the most, the other 2 days are mostly fine. Should I start eating prior?

Thanks for listening!

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