SARMS, Self Doubt, Results at 40+, Ab Training, and More…

Episode 406
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Show notes

4:15 – Can an autoimmune disease compromise recovery? And if it is the case, can macros influence this? Would it be better to raise protein above the “normal” recommendations? This disease is called lichen planus and attacks skin and mucosal tissue

9:33 – I’m a 22 year old female and one of coach Caroline’s clients. I run ultramarathons (50 – 100 miles), so I run 4-5 days/week and spend a lot of time running in the mountains. I do full body strength workouts 3 days/week because I have aesthetic and overall fitness goals as well. Now for my question – why is it that I can back squat significantly more than I can deadlift? I know deadlifts are supposed to be a heavier lift for most people, and in my CrossFit days (3 years ago or so) I could deadlift well over 200lbs. However, now I can barely deadlift 155lbs for 4 reps. I can squat 165lbs for 8+ reps. I’ve been trying to add more glute bridges and hip presses, but they don’t seem to be helping. Is this concerning? What should I do?

13:00 – I’m a 22 years old, 5’7 female, been in a gaining phase for the last 2 months (only been lifting intelligently for probably about 6 months though, so pretty new to this). Started the gain at 147 lbs (wasn’t super lean when i started, but really felt like I needed to build some muscle/strength and focus on gaining energy/regulating hormones/etc through upping calories), and have gained about 7-8 lbs in 2 months. Have seen a ton of strength gains through focus on progressive overload, and can visibly see muscle growth as well. Planning to gain for one more month. Here is my question: What do I do post-gain phase? I have my wedding in September that I want to cut for. That gives me April-August. 5 months to cut. How would you suggest pursuing my cut?

18:30 – Have you heard of or used Ostarine SARMS?  My friend who does body fat testing said he had a client who went through a cut and maintained and gained an exceptional amount of muscle mass while taking it. I’ve also heard it’s the best for leaning and muscle loss prevention. I would love to hear your thoughts

22:55 – What are the fundamental basics of entrepreneurship to follow for a new full time coach from a  business perspective?

28:20 – What should I do to get back into the flow of the gym routine after being out of it for 10 years? Been doing cardio for the past 5 months and eating right, down 50lbs and think it’s time to change it up to lose more weight.

31:31 – Wondering your opinion on the best exercises for ab hypertrophy?

37:55 – Best at home routines to maintain and continue progressing with all the gyms shutting down due to COVID-19?

41:45 – Changes or tweaks needed for fitness/nutrition after 40+ years old for building and maintaining your best physique?

44:28 – How did you get the confidence to talk in front of people with in-person coaching? Did you ever have extreme self doubt?

48:10 – On deload weeks, should you lower your carbs? I’m currently in a building phase, but don’t want to add too much fluff!

50:20 – How has being an entrepreneur improved your role as a father and husband? And how has being a husband and father improved your role as an entrepreneur?

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