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Cody McBroom:

Q&A – Fat Reset Diet, Truth About Fasted Cardio, Improving Sleep, Finding The Right Mentor, and SO much more…

Episode 174

Today’s one of the most packed Q&A’s we’ve done in a while… I got SO many awesome questions, I couldn’t even finish them all up. So we covered as much as possible!

– How to optimize sleep, when you’re really struggling to get to bed.

– Long term effects of high intensities and low calories

– Implementing LISS for aesthetics

– Fasted Cardio, the benefits

– Handling DOMS

– Adjusting training volume when in a caloric deficit

– Setting up a diet for a 6-week fat loss challenge

– Finding the right mentor for you

– The Fat Reset diet to improve insulin sensitivity, avoid resistance, and finally burn stubborn fat

– Best ways to build muscle mass

– How to get the best results as a vegan or vegatarian

– And believe it or not… MORE.

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BOOM BOOM-Fall2018_0360

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