Noah Ohlsen – “Happy, But Hungry”

Episode 231

5x CrossFit Games Athlete Noah Ohlsen comes on the show to give us an insider’s look at what it’s like to be a Professional Athlete in the Sport of CrossFit and Competitive Fitness.

To follow Noah on instagram: @nohlsen

To check out Noah’s site: www.noahohlsen.com


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Show notes


3:00 – Who Is Noah Olsen??

3:48 – Getting into CrossFit

6:00 – Training before The Games, during and currently.

8:41- The mindset shift of becoming a CrossFit Games Athlete.

13:42 – Noah’s Injury prevention strategies as a CrossFit Athlete.

16:46 – Noah’s Training Periodization

20:00 – Biofeedback markers and body awareness.

22:23 – The “new” CrossFit Games setup and Noah’s thoughts on them.

25:45 – Setting boundaries for yourself inside the sport.

28:28 – A week in the life of Noah Ohlsen

31:10 – A day in the life of Noah Ohlsen

32:50 – The diet of a CrossFit Athlete

37:26 – How Noah’s diet shifts throughout the year (Nutritional Periodization)

39:45 – Creating Noah’s positive mindset and attitude

42:10 – The mentality Noah has stepping onto the CrossFit competition floor

44:44 – Post CrossFit game emotions, highs and lows, etc…

46:55 – Noah’s top 3 lessons learned after 8+ years in CrossFit.

51:40 – You Are Dinner Table With 3 Empty Seats, You Can Pick 3 People To Sit With You, Dead Or Alive, Who Would You Pick?

54:10 – Where can people find you and all of your content?

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