Age’s Effect on Fat Loss, Stress Eating, and More…

Episode 494

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Show notes

9:45 – How do you get your clients to be mentally comfortable at maintenance?

15:00 – I seem to store fat unevenly on my right and left leg…is there something I could do about that?

17:05 – In a muscle gain phase if your scale weight is still increasing , waist measurements are slightly creeping up but you start losing reps on some of your lifts. What do you do so that you can keep gaining muscle? Do you deload and hope strength returns so you can keep progressing? I don’t want to just get fat.

24:35 – If you’re eating in a 100 calorie surplus and gaining 0.2 lbs a week and then your weekly average the following week increases by 0.5 lbs and stays/continues to increase from there what does this mean? Is it delayed muscle or fat gain? It can’t be water fluctuations because those would go back down the following week right?

27:15 – When it comes to one of those TDEE calculators, where you put in the hours of exercise you do per week, would you include dog walking in that? I do one hour walk with my dog every day: would you include this in the TDEE calculator?

30:55 – How do you determine when to track food when you had something past midnight?

35:30 – I am a male approaching 60, retired, active( I workout 5 days a week in a Crossfit gym that has Conjugate programming by Jason Brown (another podcast I enjoyed)) for almost 10 years. I have experienced a 10% weight gain and the subsequent frustration of losing weight. I hate to play the age card but:

Can age be a factor in 1. fat gain and fat loss while working out regularly?

  1. gaining muscle mass and good effective workouts?
  2. under active or slowing metabolism even though active (thyroid dysfunction)?
  3. maintaining a good diet (supplements even though you eat foundational foods 90% of the time)? I am really struggling with this weight gain and trying to lose it lately and frustrated. I wondered if you could help

47:35 – I am a beginner to all things fitness. I started a journey in November of last year. My mission is weight-loss, and I have been smashing it! I am down about 85 pounds! Crossfit is what I do. My question for you is about electrolytes. Of all the podcasts I listen to, I seldom hear anything about electrolytes. I understand that the best source is from good, nutritious, whole food. However, is there ever a situation where a sports drink is a benefit for supplementing electrolytes? If so, what is the best way to supplement electrolytes?

50:55 – Rest days, how often and what do you actually do on a rest day? Active rest?

Thanks for listening!

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