A Day in My Life, Lifting Belts, Client Adherence, and More…

Episode 578

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Show notes


1:40 – What’s your response when a client tells you they forgot to log their food over the weekend?

11:40 – What does a typical work day look like for you? From the second you get up.

20:45 – I’ve had a few people approach me about weight loss. Saying they just can’t lose weight. They said they’ve done food journals for another trainer I know and based on what they write down it seems they aren’t eating nearly enough. Like sub 1k calories a day. Yet, quite overweight. I just don’t see this being a serious possibility that they can eat 600-800 calories a day and maintain such a high body fat percentage. In obese range.

So my question is, how likely is it for this to be the case? And how would you go about approaching a conversation like this, where the client is very certain that they are overweight because they’re under-eating by a lot.

34:15 – How do you account for how much a set counts for a specific muscle? For example do you count 3 sets of rows as 3 sets towards your biceps for the week, or a set of dead lifts counting 1 for 1 as lat training?

43 :20 – When you say you watch biomarkers to see how a client is doing, what markers specifically are you looking at?

48:00 – At what point should I start wearing a belt? I’m a fairly new lifter (going on about 1 year of serious lifting) and starting to get stronger in my compounds. Just curious if there is a good indicator of when to start using a lifting belt or if it doesn’t really matter

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