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Q&A – Macros For Body Recomposition, The Processed Food Study, Willpower During a Diet, Should You Stretch, and More…

Episode 271

Key Takeaways


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Show notes

5:25 – Protein is protein, but why aren’t all carbs the same? And how that applies to the IIFYM method

11:20 – Will a day of eating shit make you tired the next day?

12:40 – Would love your insight on the Kevin Hall study released in May regarding processed foods and weight gain when controlled for macros and calories.

18:15- When counting macros, do you decrease your carbs on rest days or just keep them the same?

21:55 – What would you guess George Costanza’s TDEE to be?

24:05 – Strategies for later at night when a fat loss diet gets further along and willpower begins to fade. Also, is it common to wake up in the early morning hours with very strong cravings to eat?

28:30 – How important is stretching? Should I stretch even if it meant doing 10′ less of another restorative activity (sleeping , Journaling, reading) in order to fit it into my busy day?

30:55- Can you explain with science or bro-science what is happening to the body when someone’s body is re-comping at maintenance calories and lifting heavy? How is it possible that you are still losing fat but weight it staying the same and muscles are popping/growing?

34:17 – Would you say that the body is basically doing the same thing if you are in a very small deficit? And would it just be better (for stress on the body) to be at maintenance and wait out a re-comp than being in a very small deficit?

35:28 – What to do when you’re already well experienced and extremely busy, to study in order to continue learning/growing?

39:12: – Is it “normal” for athletes to get light headed during heavy lifts or see stars?

40:25- Have you found that doing fasted cardio stimulates a hunger response in clients?

41:30 -How important are post workout protein shakes? Having many food intolerances (dairy, beans and eggs) I am having trouble finding protein powders that I can tolerate. Can eating easy digestible foods shortly after working out still be as affective? If so what are your favorites. Secondly do intra-workout carb powders need to be consumed with protein powder or can they work solo.

48:09 – How do you autoregulate within/across sessions and weeks?

51:35 – My question is about reverse dieting. I finished my cut where my calories were 1302 the last 2 weeks 40% deficit and macros were at 170 protein, 34 fat, and 80 carbs… should I keep my protein as it is while I increase my carb and fat or the protein is too high? Am not sure if I need to recalculate my deficit %

56:50 – Do you think that body recomp is primarily achieve through a certain macro ratio, or is really dependent on periods of lean gaining/cutting? Or is it from changing macros to a specific ratio?

59:24 – What’s the best assessment to do on a new client?

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