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Q&A – The Future of BBP, Full Body Training, Macro Prescriptions, & More…

Episode 308

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Show notes

1:15- 4 meals per day or 5? With 5 I feel they’re super close, with 4 they’re more spread out but I’m adding 45g of fat in a single meal to hit my targets… what do I do?

15:20 – Specific nutrition prescription advice, for a coach in need of help for his client to break through a plateau.

27:50 – I’m setting up a new program for myself – shooting for 4-day full body. I LOVE Zercher Squats and I’m curious if you’d make any considerations when putting them into a full body workout as they can be quite taxing on the arms. Do them before/after taxing upper body work like presses, chins, etc..?

31:30 – Do you suggest the RPE scale to your beginner clients? How do you explain the RPE scale to your clients and what dictates which number you use? For each exercise?

40:45 – I just finished your functional muscle program and had great results. Unfortunately over the next year I’m going to be limited on equipment and won’t have gym access. I’ll have power blocks DB’s, a bench, some bands and a few kettlebells. How would you structure my program?

45:50 – What advice do you give to someone who wants to lose weight but not track macros

48:15 – Is it possible to diet and see results while in treatment for gut issues? I.e., parasites, SIBO, leaky gut etc. Or should you wait until treatment is finished? Asking this because treatments can take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years depending on the severity. I’ve been in treatment for 12 months, and have started dieting for a show in March 6 weeks ago. but haven’t had any weight changes, only body recomp.

51:15 – How do you balance running a business and a family?

1:00:50 – What’s the 5-year goal? Where do you see yourself and BBP?

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