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Episode 442

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Show notes

5:20 – Should I still implement refeed days, if I’m only calorie counting, but not macro counting? I eat whatever I want, but in reduced portions, so I’m sticking to my daily caloric allowance. If I still need refeed days, what would they look like for me?

9:45 – If you have a client who loses their cycle very easily, and loses it in the early phases of her reverse would you just keep going as planned or speed things up? The client isn’t in a rush to get pregnant and would like to take it as slowly as needed to stick to the reverse and isn’t in super low calories or intense workouts? Does it take the body time to catch up with the calorie changes? Could it be just a delay meaning the loss of cycle was from when in the low deficit and the calories now could be sufficient but the body needs time to “recognize” that?

16:15 – I Made a switch to lifting more over cardio and been at maintenance but have taken it down with covid-19. I have been still able to lift as normal so I guess I may be in a bit of a deficit but it’s hard to tell. And I haven’t been super consistent with macros. I have noticed Over time I have cut but more to a super cut where my arms are border line skeleton. I clearly have muscles but in pictures I can come off sickly. I guess I should bulk but with being up and down with this state we are all in should I go to maintenance to get back to a balance then increase? When building what should you focus on in the gym with lifting and cardio

28:10 – My goal is muscle gain, but I only have resistance bands and no access to a gym. Is it still worth getting online coaching or should I wait until I have access to weights and a gym?

31:25 – Given that I only have resistance bands to workout,  is BFR a good option to add to my workouts?

33:15 – How often can you drink and still see progress? Is there a weekly limit? What strategy do you use with clients to allow flexibility here?

39:45 – How to effectively program aerobic conditioning into a mesocycle when bulking?

45:00 – Is there any foods people with hypothyroidism should limit or avoid?

48:38 – Where to start for beginners nutrition courses?

52:20 – Personality Question!

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