Motivating Loved Ones, My Childhood Dreams, % Based Training, and More…

Episode 476

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Show notes

8:45 –  I compete in the NPC bikini division. With the addition of wellness, I’m now told not to get too much more muscular. I’m 5’9 and build muscle relatively easily. I had optimized my training and nutrition for hypertrophy, but now I want to focus on maintaining the muscle I have without adding much more. I decreased my training volume and still feel like I have great workouts, but I feel like I’m missing a ‘goal’ to work toward in the gym. Any advice for the mental transition in the gym?

16:25 – I have been working really hard over the last two years to improve my strength and change my physique. I’m gen pop, so I mostly just focus on slowly increasing the amount of weight I can lift. However, over time, my husband has become unhappy with the amount I can lift and states I am getting too bulky/showing too much muscle mass. I don’t want to give up my lifting and go back to doing cardio all the time, but is there a happy medium where I can challenge myself and stay lean while also not increasing my muscle mass?

22:35 – Advice on how to motivate/inspire/entice loved ones to take charge of their health. I have been trying to lead by example for over a year with my husband; I have been working with Lisa, tracking macros, and working out consistently. He’s a big dude 6’4 at 295 lbs, so I think he’d do well with resistance training if he could get the ball rolling. I’m at a loss some days because I feel I have tried every trick in the book with him. I want us to have a long and healthy life together, but he’s 37 and not shaking off these unhealthy lifestyle traits. I’d love him to get with a coach but he put the breaks on that.

32:15 – Your thoughts on supplements when consuming a lot of carbs or cheat meals? I’ve read, seen and heard of certain weightlifters taking certain supplements when consuming over 40g or on cheat meals so the fat and carbs I’m assuming get used up properly if that makes any sense?

38:20 – Best way to adjust training when you should be increasing % of 1 RM but aren’t quite ready for the next weight available, more reps, sets?

I think you said you discussed this in an upcoming podcast, but if not: thoughts on weight straps like versa straps. I feel like I could go heavier for lower body work if my grip/forearms didn’t give out so quickly since I only have access to dumbbells

42:00 – Who are the first fitness influencers you looked up to in the fitness world?

46:40 – Looking to learn and get better at programming workouts, what’s a good place to start?

49:50 – If you could only access a full gym 1x per week, what would you do? Other days minimal equipment at home.

52:00 – What did you want to be when you were a kid? Other than a pro soccer player

1:00:30 – How is your gaining phase going? Updates on that?

Thanks for listening!

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