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Alex Bush:

Alex Bush – Truly Individualized Coaching

Episode 328

Today we have the second coach inside Physique Development, Alex Bush, stop by and really just have a down to earth, casual, coaching conversation with me. We cover a range of topics, all within the walls of individualized coaching.

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Show notes

4:58 – When it all started for Alex. Training, coaching, etc…

8:40 – What keeps Alex patient

10:55 – How do you elevate the anatomy of personal development to the next level?

14:00 – Certification Recommendations for new coaches

16:00 – Alex’s philosophy on program design

17:35 – How long is the process of trying to determine a clients program.

19:35 – How important is volume to exercise selection/execution.

25:00 – How long Alex has a typical client follow a program

27:50 – How important it is for a client to follow more than 1 cycle of a program

29:45 – What changes in programming with Female lifters

32:30 – How big of an influence is exercise selection in Alex programming

34:00 – Alex’s take on promoting maintenance and lean gain phases for Women.

37:00 – How long should someone maintain after a deficit.

40:40 – What is Alex overview of periodizing a persons diet

42:25 – How similar are lifestyle vs physique clients from theoretical perspective

45:20 – How and when can you determine if a High Carb or Low Carb diet is effective.

51:35 – Alex explaining his personal experience with competition preparation.

55:20 – Alex opinion on “Bro food diet” and ITFYM (If It Fits Your Macros)

56:50  – What is the biggest thing that Alex feels is missing in the coaching industry.

58:45 – What the biggest thing Alex sees that clients are misunderstanding or missing

1:01:35 – Where you can find Alex and all of his content.

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