Understanding Training Volume, The Phases of Dieting, and More…

Episode 394

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Show notes

9:55 – How do you know how much volume you need to do in order to maintain muscle?

20:10 – Do isolation workouts help you get stronger in compound lifts and/or crossfit?

25:00 – Is it possible to get leaner at maintenance calories? If so, how?

29:25 – I’m 46yo 5’8” 137lbs Always been active, weight train 5 days a week and counted macros since august 2019. Lost 20lbs at 1350 calories, 18%body fat. Started reverse nov 19. have increased up to maintenance. But in the most recent dexa scan I was the same weight but 21% body fat with less muscle. So now I’m stuck not knowing if I should cut again or just change up weight training at maintenance calories.

36:30 – Hey Cody, I’ve got a quick one I think would help some of your listeners as well as reassure me I’m doing the right thing with a current 40 year old female client I’m working with.  In the last 24 weeks she has gone from 235 lbs down to 205 lbs with some definite recomp (added lean tissue). Progress has been steady with a 4-5 day refeed each month. Stress is at bay, sleep is quality, energy is ok, hunger is moderate (hasn’t increased too much yet to where it’s unbearable but definitely increasing slowly), and strength is still increasing.  Now the question:With bio-feedback still positive, would you push another 12 weeks of a deficit, or take an insurance policy to come back up around maintenance for a min? I just don’t want to risk running her into the ground and wanted an opinion from someone I trust. Appreciate any feedback you might have man.

44:10 – When figuring volume for lower body since most compound exercise work quads, hams, and glutes should i count the sets performed for the compound exercise for each of these muscle groups or just the main muscle group?

47:50 – I was wondering if you could possibly talk about the “newbie” lifter period (and why its so easy to gain muscle during this period, how long this newbie period lasts, any tips for newbie lifters to promote max muscle gain, etc).

52:45  – Hey Cody, recently started listening to your podcast. Really appreciate all you do. My question is how do you manage progressive overload/muscle building while starting a diet? Since your in a calorie deficit, the energy to lift heavy or as much as you did at maintains isn’t there.

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