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Matt Prince:

“Strong Mind, Stronger Body” w/ Matt Prince

Episode 147

Matt Prince is owner of Royale Fitness in Australia near Melbourne. He took his passion for strength training and athletics and built a gym inside his Mom’s garage. He built that up until he had 100 members inside that little place… Then he expanded to what he has now, which is a massive functional facility with 300 members (bad assess, I might add).

Matt is one of those guys who I massively respect because he has not only built his body and his business, but also his mindset. He’s one of the strongest individuals I know, inside and out, and his lifestyle is a product of that.

From traveling the world, owning real estate, running a gym, training in martial art camps in Thailand, building strongman competitors… Matt is an interesting man, you’re going to like this episode.

You can find his gym information at and find him on instagram @matty.prince

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