Dr. Jose Antonio

Dr. Jose Antonio – “The Truth About Protein”

Episode 195

Today, we bust ALL the protein myths with Dr. Jose Antonio!

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Show notes

(3:30) – Introducing Dr. Jose Antonio

(5:11) – What Got You Into Protein Research?

(10: 20) – What Is The Optimal Amount Of Protein?

(14:14) – What Changes With Protein, When Fat Loss Is The Goal? Is There Validity To Bringing Protein Up To Maintain On A Cut?

(15:46) – Is It Harder For The Body To Store Protein Calories As Body Fat?

(16:55) – What Is Your Thoughts On Splitting Protein Up Evenly Throughout The Day? Is There Any Value To It?

(18:43) – What Has Science Shown And What Do You Recommend For Protein Intake Post Workout?

(22:30) – What Is Your Thoughts And Opinions On Gut Issues Coming From Higher Protein Consumption, Particularly Post Workout?

(28:45) – Does Protein Negatively Impact Your Kidneys?

(31:00) – Do You Think That Protein Has More Stress On The Digestive Track Or Does It Just Burn More Calories To Digest? And Is There Any Merit To Lowering Protein Intake For A Day To Help Digestion Or Stimulate Muscle Protein Synthesis Greater Than Normal?

(34:40) – What Are Your Thoughts On Intermittent Fasting? Do You Think There Is Negative Impact On Lean Muscle Tissue?

(37:40) – Is Eating Vegan Protein The Same As Animal Protein?

(39:25) – What Is The Reason That Vegan Protein Is Not As High “Quality” As Animal Protein?

(42:00) – What Are The Benefits Of Collagen?

(45:10) – If Your Daily Protein Is Sufficient Enough, Is There Still Merit To Having BCAA’s During A Workout?

(47:00) -What Are Your Thoughts On Supplementing Leucine Between Meals?

(48:45) – When We Are Consuming Protein With A Meal, Is There Any Difference Made When We Consume A Meal With Just Protein, Protein And Fats, Or Protein And Carbs? Does Nutrient Pairing Have An Effect On Muscle Protein Synthesis?

(49:40) – What Is The Benefit Of Creatine? Who Should Take It? Is There Any Reason To Cycle It?

(52:48) – Is There Any Studies That You’re Getting Ready To Do Or Come Out That You’re Excited About?

(55:50) – What Is The Best Place To Find Information About You And Your Team?

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