Fruit’s Effect on Body Comp, Advice For Chronic Under-Eaters, and More…

Episode 569

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Show notes


10:10 – Fruit. I’m totally confused and I’m not stupid. Does it spike insulin? Is there an amount you should only eat? Is it bad when combined with say protein shake? Would love your opinions on fruit consumption.

18:25 – I’ve been programming my own lifting/running training for a couple years and it was so great to hear Jason Brown talk about being happy with his physique, be able to lift and run a 5k at all times, because that’s basically my goal! I love lifting and the way it makes me feel and look but racing feeds my soul. It’s been difficult trying to do them all, especially because I want to be able to do them all year round! Do you have any other advice or resources for lifting and running? (5k up to half marathons, occasionally full marathons) I know you’re not a fan of running, which I’m not really either on a daily basis except for the races!

28:10 – Tips for people overwhelmed with all the information out there but wants to learn to be a coach?

34:45 – Unfiltered opinion of herbalife products?

45:20 – Where did you learn/get your knowledge about training?

53:00 – If someone had been chronically under eating and comes to you for nutrition and you bring them back to maintenance , how long do you keep them at maintenance calories before your allow them to go into a fat loss phase (calorie deficit)…. specifically if this person has weight to lose 15+ lbs

Thanks for listening!

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