Keto With HPA Axis Dysfunction, Foam Rolling vs. Mobility, and More…

Episode 426

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Show notes

2:49 – What’s your take on intermittent fasting during these stay at home times?

8:29 – I’d love for you to discuss in detail the pros and cons of tracking all macros vs just calories or just calories and protein. Who could benefit from one vs the other? Is there really any difference? Especially during these quarantine times – what would you recommend? Of course it would depend on the individual and their particular goals, but I would love your thoughts on this!

14:14 – Thoughts on eating most of macros at night time due to longer workouts during this period of time

17:29 – When working on mobility or active recovery, is it better to stretch first then foam roll? Or foam roll *then* stretch? (Or does it not matter?)

21:34 – What’s your opinion on keto for someone with HPA Axis dysfunction?

26:52 – What did you do when the 90 day habits ended? Set out new ones, set out a fresh tracker? Mine are ending in a week and I kinda don’t wanna stop tracking those.

31:07 – If working out first thing in the morning, is it a good idea to have your biggest meal the night before (calorie and carb wise). And does that go hand in hand with when to implement a refeed day – so the day before your hardest workout? Thanks!

32:53 – My alarm goes off by 445am and I typically like to be dressed and hitting my workout by 5:15.  This doesn’t leave me hardly any room to get a preworkout meal in and lately I’ve been feeling famished by the end of my workouts.  Given this short time frame before my workout begins, what would you suggest to do?

35:25 – Top 3 movies? Top 3 shows? EVER.

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