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Lower Back Pain, Sex Before Performance, Cellulite, and More!

Episode 332

Key Takeaways


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Show notes

2:35 – 1) How do you measure success in a (lean) bulk -besides progress in the gym of course. (especially if the person is afraid of gaining weight)

8:24 – 2) You recently said that you prefer building muscle and strength at maintenance calories. Is this possible for everyone? Can you do something like a pro & con of trying to gain muscle & strength at maintenance calories vs. at a small surplus?

13:15 – 3) I’ve got a client with sciatica pain. Can I somehow help her with not being a doctor?

I want her to lower her stress level because I think it’s somehow stress-induced. But is there something physical she can do? Some stretches, some exercises, or even some supplements, etc.?

17:30 – When implementing regular diet breaks during a fat loss phase, what is the best way to periodize training during that week? Should training remain constant including cardio, take out cardio but push hard with weight training since you have extra calories, or use it as a deload week?

21:40 – Is there any evidence behind the whole “no sex for peak performance” myth?

24:47 – If my compound lifts are very challenging at a particular weight, should I stay at that weight the next week or continue adding weight?

28:24 – Could you respond to Stacy Sim’s Ted talk about female physiology as it relates to nutrition and exercise?

31:02 – Tidying up cellulite around glutes and upper hamstrings for competitors? Nutrition/training protocols/tips?

33:30 – Have 50lbs to lose, I’ve dedicated 3+ months to dieting (w/ refeeds), stuck current weight (hit a plateau)… time to maintain? What should I do?

37:06 – Biggest frustrations you experience as a coach and what you wish your clients knew?

39:30 – What’s your recommended strength training program style for muscle toning?

46:00 – Should you pull back on calories during a deload week? (I’m currently eating at maintenance)

47:20 – When starting to count macros using MFP my goal was set at 1400 based on the app. Recently I did a personal macro consult and I was recommended to go to 1647. Im new to the idea of phases such as a cut/deficit/maintenance. Should I be increasing my macros based on the consult or stick to the lower number? How do I determine what phase (cut/deficit/maintenance etc.) I should be in. Goal is to build muscle to drop inches and fat.

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