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Q&A – Metabolic Adaptation, Cortisol’s Effect on Fat Loss, Adrenal Fatigue, and More…

Episode 216

Key Takeaways


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In today’s podcast, Cody delivers his “Holiday Fat Loss Tip” and then proceeds to dive into the questions!


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Show notes

(4:45) – My Holiday Tips

(15:50) – Metabolic damage: what is it, what causes it, examples

(24:38) – If someone has no food allergies or any adverse reactions to food, but maintains high levels of inflammation due to high stress work environment, what foods would you recommend for achieving fat loss results, addressing high cortisol levels and sporadic eating behaviors?

(34:10) – What have been some of your most challenging clients, why and how did you problem solve these cases?

(42:42) – How do you know the difference between muscle/mental fatigue and adrenal fatigue for a strength athlete or athlete in general?

(45:45) – Best uses for Halloween candy?

(47:57) – Intuitive eating. How to start, how/when to transition, habits to create and how to create them?

(50:50) – For clients who’s goals are to gain weight and put on lean muscle. where do you start? How do you ensure you’re not increasing calories too high and putting on unnecessary weight? But also not just reversing because increasing to slowly…

(56:05) – Tips for cutting and feeling hungry and tips for intermittent fasting when it’s difficult for you?

(1:00:10) – Favorite Seinfeld Episode?

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