Dr. Amy Bender – Sleep Requirements For Performance

Episode 293

Today’s guest is Dr. Amy Bender, sleep scientist from Calgary Counseling Center. She is one of the leading experts actually studying the science of sleep and it’s affect on performance, body composition, and cognitive function.

Find her on instagram and twitter @sleep4sport

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– Morningness Eveningness Questionnaire (are you naturally a night owl?)


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Show notes

5:20 – All about Amy Bender

7:30 – REM sleep.

10:54 – What is considered sleep deprivation?

13:15 – The gene that allows people to live on low amounts of sleep and the SMALL percentage of people who actually have it.

16:55 – Is it a good thing to remember your dreams?

20:35 – Negative impacts of sleep deprivation

24:50 – Recommendations for alarm clocks

26:00 – Being a night owl and early bird. Is that a real thing? Is there a way to find out what you are?

28:25 – How does sleep deprivation effect performance, muscle mass, and fat loss?

34:20 – Bare minimum sleep we need.

38:00 – Does sleep hours need to be consistent over a week or can it be flexible?

39:50 – The argument of hours in bed vs. actual sleep.

43:10 – Float tank for a replacement to sleep.

44:30 – What is sleep’s affect on food? What is food’s affect on sleep?

47:50 – Timing carbs for better sleep

51:51 – Any specific hacks to promote better sleep, that are ACTUALLY worth while? (blue light blockers, adaptogens, teas, etc…)

55:35 – Research that supports intermittent fasting helping with sleep

56:40 – Where you can find Amy and all of her content

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