Weekend Warrior’s Diet, Menopause, Eliminating Cravings, And More…

Episode 470

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Show notes

15:35 – In your recent podcast with Jackson Peos, he briefly mentioned strategies for dealing with hunger during a cut. Could you elaborate on that? What mindset adjustments or nutrition strategies or other changes can we make during a cut when hunger is high? And how do you know when you should eat something and when you should just wait it out?

20:30 – I know that you have your average weekly calorie intake. As for me I follow a weekend warrior approach. I eat less during the week and more on the weekends, but still staying in my deficit. Is there any evidence that shows calories swinging too low during the week and eating your calories on weekends would hurt your progress? I do much lower calories during the week because of my job but I’m able to be fine on it and eat way more on weekends.

27:00 – Hi Cody! First, I love love your podcast! Thanks for all the great info! It has helped me a lot! I have been regularly working out for two years and lifting regularly for 8 months. I have seen good progress but have a question about some logistics. I have heard that Smith machines are basically useless compared to barbells with compound lifts. I currently belong to a gym that only has Smith machines. What would you recommend? Should I switch back to my gym with traditional squat racks? Also, I hurt my back awhile ago doing deadlifts and am scared to challenge myself with weight! Would you say deadlifts are an essential lift to progress?

36:45 – How do figure out macros for an obese client? What are the main differences in the that process comparing an obese person to an average person?

41:35 – I was looking to purchase one of your training ebooks and wanted you advice on which one to purchase. I train on an upper/lower bodybuilding type split with 2 days of conditioning a week and was looking at ‘built for you’ ebook. My training is similar to Mike Matthews from his bigger leaner stronger that I have been following for a few years and just wanted to branch out and try something new. Would appreciate your recommendations

47:33 – How does menopause affect weight loss in women?

49:45 – How quickly do you typically increase daily protein intake for people who are way undereating protein?

52:25 – Tips for how to make Nordic ham raise most effective at home?

53:45 – Any recommended rest periods for optimization? Also for someone with time of an essence how long between sets to give yourself?

55:35 – Any recommended rest periods for optimization? Also for someone with time of an essence how long between sets to give yourself?

57:30 – What website do you use to check supplement rate? I heard it on the podcast multiple times but forgot. Anyway I love your podcast and your positive vibe/energy

Thanks for listening!

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