Best Education Resources For Coaches, “Eat More Move More” Theory, and More…

Episode 563

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Show notes


2:26 – Tailored Trainer

7:25 – When a client who is macro counting and working out has an unsupportive spouse who rolls his/her eyes, comments that they’re over the macro counting stuff, etc… It can be a lonely process for your client! So what would you say to a client like that and how do you support them as a coach?

17:33 – What are your go-to research sites for training and nutrition?

22:45 – What are your favorite books for continuing education in nutrition and exercise science space? Need direction on what to read next and would love your input.

28:40 – I have a job that is fairly labor intensive. On an average day I’ll get anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 steps a day. I have MyFitnessPal app set so that it adjusts my calories each day based on how active I am. My base is set at my BMR which runs around 1500 cals on a day. I literally just stay home and chill. As I get my morning work out in and my daily steps and walking, it will adjust my calories up to around 2400-2800 cals that I should consume if I want to be eating the energy I need to fuel how many calories I’m burning that day.

My goal right now is to gain strength and muscle, I am fairy happy with how I look right now and am quite lean naturally. Eating around this 2400-2800 calorie mark seems to be keeping my weight fairly steady or has for the last couple weeks and that’s me only working out 4-5 days a week.

My question is, is this a good approach to adjust my calories based on my daily activity? I work shift work so I’m away working in a camp for 2 weeks then home for a week so adjusting my calories I think is necessary for my off week and also to make sure I’m eating enough for what I’m burning. Thoughts?

35:45 – I’ve recently progressed from an under-eating/chronic dieting state for about 9 months (around 1300 cal) to reverse up to a maintenance state (ended at 1900 cal, although I believe my true maintenance is around 2200-2400 cal with a high activity level). I am really interested in the G-Flux topic of “eat more, do more”. What is the best way to periodize my nutrition to get to that G-Flux state? I still have a smaller target of fat loss, but want to be cognizant of the best approach here, which I think is to continue my progression to my true maintenance phase before cutting again.

42:35 – I have been training for the past 18 years, I am female, 34 years old and my question is: how should a woman train in PMS? I have an idea and heard some stuff of course, but I am really curious about your thoughts around this topic.

50:25 – How would one achieve body recomp at maintenance?

57:50 – If you ever produced a product or product line, what would it be? Either personally or with the TCM brand (or both)?

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