Josh Cuthbert

“Training The Professional Athlete” w/ Josh Cuthbert

Episode 264

Today I talk to Josh Cuthbert, a trainer of MANY professional athletes, and dive into his world to see exactly how professional athletes train, eat, recover and perform.

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Show notes

4:37 – Biggest mistakes athletes make when rehabbing an injury.

7:35 – Why Josh went the athlete route.

9:52 – Josh’s roster of professional athletes.

11:45 – Sport specific vs. general strength training

13:30 – The importance of unilateral exercises

15:17 – The posterior / anterior ratio inside smart training design

17:25 – Benefits of building the posterior chain

18:35 – What transfers to gen pop training, from athlete specific training

20:23 – Integrating Mobility into training with Athletes

22:10 – Explaining Activations phases for each kind of training sessions

26:35 – Determining when Mobility is a must before strength training

27:42 – Incorporating Breathing Drills into training sessions

28:48 – Strategies used to make sure athletes are recovering correctly

38:35 – Undulating intensities throughout the week and when to place deloads into your programming

43:26 – Thoughts on daily undulated periodization

46:12 – Thoughts on volume, intensity, and frequency for athletes

50:30 – You are at a dinner table and you have 3 empty seats at the table. You can chose anyone dead or alive to eat with you but they can not be friends or family. Who would you chose?

51:50 – Where you can find Josh and all of his content

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