Multivitamins, Adrenal Fatigue, Carb Cycling, and More…

Episode 527

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Show notes


12:26 – Thoughts on multivitamins? Which micros should we be more aware of?

17:20 – How to train with adrenal fatigue and not over stress your body, but still achieve results?

22:20 – In a reverse but my weight goes up during my cycle. How do you gauge water weight vs. fat gain?

27:00 – Curious about your opinion on a carb cycling 5:2 for weight loss. Let’s say I ate 1300 calories all week, typically around a 700 cal deficit for me, and then on the weekends ate close to 2500. Would this prevent metabolic adaptation and keep my hormones functioning well?

32:40 – Ideal warm up sets for heavy compound lifts?? Should you use a certain percentage of your heavy lift for your warm up weight?

37:50 -What does undulating and conjugate mean in regards to workouts?

48:30 – With gyms being closed, what are your programming suggestions for an intermediate lifter who has very limited equipment?

54:48 – When taking on nutrition clients and starting them in a reverse diet (when they’re previous intake is unclear), is it better to start at a lower intake (relative to their est. BMR) for the first week and move up as needed? Or start at a moderate intake and just see if their body responds to the consistency?

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