Training Q&A w/ Bryan Boorstein

Episode 279

My good friend Bryan Boorstein stopped by for a part 2 podcast with me, this time joining me for a Q&A session! Questions answered below:

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Show notes

6:10 – Bryan Boorstein In a Nutshell

7:25- Should you dial down volume in a cut and if so how to do that

14:50 – Why do so many BodyBuilders do lower weight higher rep routines? What’s the benefit of progressive loading program in a high rep program (12+) vs low rep (3-5 reps) program?

23:25 – When, if ever, is it necessary to train to failure?

35:35 – When trying to gain some weight and wanting to put on muscle, how do you know that you’re getting in enough volume to create growth/strength without just putting on weight?

44:05 – Can distance runners substitute part of their weekly mileage with energy systems training and get better at running? What kind of energy system training would you recommend?

49:30 – Can you discuss your opinions on warm-ups? How much is enough versus what is optimal if time isn’t a factor and does your warm-ups change when doing a full body routine versus splits like upper/lower or push/pull legs with a general warm-up and then warm up sets for the actual lifts?

1:00:30 – What is Best hotel workout to keep my muscles stimulated to not lose any size during trip?

1:04:10 – What type of workout would you recommend to someone who’s showing signs of adrenal fatigue?

1:07:35 – How are each of you currently training, yourselves?

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