Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Straight-Forward, Science-Driven, and Simply Effective.

Lose Fat. Build Muscle.
Finally Feel Fit.
While Developing The Skills Needed To Sustain Your Results, For Good.

Do you feel like you work out consistently, yet don't actually look like you workout?

You've tried every diet, yet still aren't very lean or understand what works best for you?

Maybe you do know what to do, but fail to stay consistent because you have no support...

If any of that is true, for you, then our Tailored Coaching is for you (and costs a fraction of what an in-person trainer does). So let us lead you directly to the results you desire and support you every step of the way.

Lose Fat. Build Muscle.
Finally Feel Fit.
While Developing The Skills Needed To Sustain Your Results, For Good.

Do you feel like you work out consistently, yet don't actually look like you workout?

You've tried every diet, yet still aren't very lean or understand what works best for you?

Maybe you do know what to do, but fail to stay consistent because you have no support...

If any of that is true, for you, then our Tailored Coaching is for you (and costs a fraction of what an in-person trainer does). So let us lead you directly to the results you desire and support you every step of the way.

Lose Fat. Build Muscle.
Finally Feel Fit.
While Developing The Skills Needed To Sustain Your Results, For Good.

Do you feel like you work out consistently, yet don't actually look like you workout?

You've tried every diet, yet still aren't very lean or understand what works best for you?

Maybe you do know what to do, but fail to stay consistent because you have no support...

If any of that is true, for you, then our Tailored Coaching is for you (and costs a fraction of what an in-person trainer does). So let us lead you directly to the results you desire and support you every step of the way.

How and Why our Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Works:

6 Steps That Make Our Coaching Tailored To You and Provide Sustainable Results:

Personal Trainer Helping a Man Train

Indivualized Assessment

What is training and nutrition coaching? It begins with a thorough strategy session to map out your personal goals and dive deep into your dietary, metabolic, fitness, and injury histories, so that we can fully understand where you've been and where you're currently at. After our strategy session and personalized health assessment, we can begin to map out your training and nutrition plan, while explaining the science behind it and showing you the practical application for it, within your lifestyle.

We hear you out, see where you're at, and LISTEN to your concerns, so we can determine and teach you exactly how to get you where you want to be.

Personal Trainer on a Laptop

Tailored Training Program

Why hire a personal trainer? Because we know how to help you get in shape! We’ve tailored our training programs by using scientific methods and proven their effectiveness by successfully using them with thousands of clients, just like you.

But how does online personal training work? Online personal training begins with mapping out a successful program to ensure YOU have the right tools to see success in the gym. We’ll establish the volume, intensity, and frequency to match your goals, abilities, schedule, and priorities. We'll also design a program with the perfect exercises for you, based on your posture, limb length, and mechanics. By following periodized training cycles, you’ll see progress and avoid plateaus. Great programming paired with online fitness coaching allows you to understand how to properly execute movements, getting the most out of the training while avoiding injuries.

Everything we do is TAILORED to you. So you'll have the option to work with us on both training AND nutrition or just one if that's all the guidance you need.

Healthy Food

Customized Nutrition Plan

Coaching is key here. We will work together to make sure your nutrition plan fits you and your lifestyle, rather than trying to fit your lifestyle into a meal plan. This means your online nutrition coach will use a flexible dieting approach, backed by science, to not only achieve your ideal body composition but also optimize health and performance.

What is the best online weight loss program? One that includes: Meal frequency and nutrient timin, workout nutrition, individualized calorie and macronutrient targets, periodization, refeeds and diet breaks, supplementation, fundamental health guidelines, and more…

The Tailored Nutrition Coaching Method creates specific, successful, and sustainable results.

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True Support & Accountability

This is the glue that holds the strategies together. You’ll receive weekly updates with personalized videos, assessments, and adjustments from your coach, to ensure your program is on point and progressing properly. You’ll have 24-7 access to your coach for questions, support, motivation, exercise critiques, adjustments, and more. Daily and weekly accountability tracking forms support constant and consistent progress. We also include a monthly coaching call (phone or Skype), an exclusive education portal, private client community group, and more... Our goal is to help you stay accountable, no matter what, to enhance your consistency, adherence, and results.

Consistency is the foundational key to success. Our accountability methods and support systems ensure that for every individual.

Personal Training using a Cell Phone

Full-Time Access to Your Coach

Unlimited access for 24-7 accountability and support.

Big work, family, or social event coming up?

Pull a muscle in your back? Traveling soon?

Gym's closed down for an unknown amount of time?

No worries; we got you covered. Adjustments will be provided whenever needed for any situation that comes up.

You will never feel “alone” or “helpless” in your journey.

Personal Trainer Carrying a Backpack

Travel Plans & Accommodation

Because we personally travel often and work with MANY entrepreneurs or traveling workers, we know how difficult it can be to stick to the plan on the road (methods apply to busy parents, too). Don’t worry about all that, we got you covered!

We will research the hotel or AirBnb and create an adjustable training program to fit whatever is available for you to work with. We then search surrounding areas to help you come up with an appropriate nutritional strategy to enjoy the area while keeping your diet on track.

Bottom Line: We are remote, ready, and results driven.

Let Our Clients' Success Help Your Decision

Our clients are 95% more likely to reach their goals than people attempting to do so on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

The diet plan you receive will be completely Tailored to YOU; that’s why we’re called Tailored Coaching Method! Most coaching programs and diet plans have a set in stone plan, which forces people to fit their mold. However we are trained, licensed, and accredited nutritionists – so we know that this doesn’t work and we create a diet plan that fits YOUR mold (body, lifestyle, goals, etc.).

Most often, there will be some form of calorie and macronutrient tracking involved with the plan, simply because those are the science-backed metrics that can guarantee results for you when adhered to properly. See, all diets that work create the proper energy (calorie) balance… paleo, keto, intermittent fasting, IIFYM, meal plans, etc…. You name it – if it works, it’s because it puts you in the right calorie balance.

What we do with our clients is review all the different diet methods and strategies that are backed by scientific research, verified through our on staff Chief Science Officer (PhD, Dr. Brandon Roberts), and determine which parts of which diets should or should not be implemented into YOUR plan. We then ensure the right calorie and macronutrient balance for YOU specifically, while implementing specific metrics to track your progress and health-biofeedback markers, ensuring consistent results are happening.

After your initial call with a coach and signing up, your plan will typically take anywhere from 3-5 days to be created and implemented into your routine. This is because we’re not a cookie-cutter nutrition coaching service and it takes us some time to develop your specific nutrition plan (and training program, depending on which coaching plan you’re committing to). 

However, you will receive starting protocols immediately upon signing up and getting off the phone with your coach! So although your Tailored Nutrition and Training Program might not be delivered immediately, due to the time it takes to create and develop the right plan for you, you will start taking action as soon as you get off the phone with your coach!

That’s no problem at all! In fact, one of the things Tailored Coaching Method is so well known for in the industry is the education we deliver to our clients. The way we see coaching is different from most companies, because we understand that you do not hire a coach to simply get a result… nor do you plan to pay that coach for the rest of your life.

We understand that you hire a coach to get to your result as fast as you can, within healthy rates of progress, while also LEARNING what you’re doing, why it’s working so well with us, and how we’re getting you from point A to point B. Which is why we truly guide and teach you through the entire process, so that when you’re done working with us – be that in 3 or 6 or even 12 months, depending on your goals and needs – you feel 100% confident in your ability to spread your wings and fly, continuing to sustain the result you achieved with us (which is the real reason you hire a coach; to get and KEEP a specific result).

Not at all, in fact having a coach provides you with structure that includes flexibility will allow you to get results while you travel and go through the busy stages of your life. Our team has experience working with thousands of individuals and many of them are parents, business owners, and even some traveling professionals who have lifestyles that present many obstacles – WWE Wrestling Stars, Actors, Traveling Nurses, Famous Musicians, and more…

In our experience working with all these individuals, we’ve developed systems that allow us to coach you during and throughout the times you’re busy. We even have specific strategies used to ramp things up when necessary, as your schedule becomes easier to control, and bring things down a notch, making it more easily sustainable and flexible while your schedule is more difficult to control.

Regardless, your goals aren’t changing and waiting for things to calm down will only delay your ability to achieve the body and health you desire. Life rarely slows down, so it’s best to take control of what you can control and commit to a plan that works around the craziness of life – which is exactly what our coaching offers.


You will have unlimited access to your coach, which means the frequency of communication you’ll have with your coach ultimately depends on how often you need your questions answered and support to keep you accountable! 

Every single week you will have a formal check in with your coach that allows you to reflect on your week, report back with specific metrics being tracked, and get feedback directly from your coach on what’s going well, what could be improved, and what’s being adjusted to continue your progress moving forward into the proceeding weeks.

This check in, however, isn’t limited to that touch point alone! It often will build into a coaching conversation that continues to provide you more support and answers to your questions, at times carrying on throughout the entire week if needed. But regardless, we have an open door policy which means that on any day, at any time, if you need something from your coach – you just ask and we will be there as fast as we can to help provide you with the answers you need! We are known for the connections we make with our clients and we pride ourselves on the relationships developed inside our program.

Tailored Coaching Method puts a far greater amount of attention and degree of importance on the aspect of quality control and education, plain and simple. Our coaches must all be certified in both training and nutrition (with multiple credentials in each), as well as go through a rigorous 3-month unpaid internship process to ensure they’re capable of facilitating coaching at the standard expected and competent with our in-depth coaching systems and processes.

As a company, we fund our coaching staff to continually educate themselves as well – helping them increase their own credentials and qualifications on a yearly basis. In fact, we even have a Chief Science Officer, Dr. Brandon Roberts-PhD, who conducts research in the field (meaning other coaching companies actually learn from OUR staff) and directly works with our coaching staff on a weekly basis to provide further education, constantly, and act as an extra resource for our coaches to ensure all client protocols are backed by science before being delivered.

Because of all this, we’re one of the most well-educated and science-backed coaching teams there is in the industry – making us a trustworthy company who can get closer than anyone else to a results-guaranteed promise.

But we don’t just stop at our level of education and qualifications, because we believe the Tailored brand name also means that we must be highly individualized with what we do. This means we truly value human connection, going above and beyond in the value we provide, and truly building bonds with our clients.

And it’s the combination of science AND human connection that makes us so much different than the average coaching company you’ll find online.

Training is included in our Nutrition+ coaching program. Meaning, if you and your coach, during your initial call, decide that you need more than just a nutrition plan and nutrition coaching (which we do offer, by itself) – you would opt in for the Nutrition + Training Program, which includes a completely Tailored Training program as well.

The Nutrition + Training Coaching Plan with Tailored Coaching Method is a complete package that allows us to sync both your workouts AND your diet in unison, helping us control both sides of the equation to streamline your path to the body composition results you desire.

During the Tailored Training Experience, we have an in-depth assessment process that includes personality typing, limb measurements, movement screens, and more… Upon receiving the information from our in-depth assessment process, we’ll be able to customize the program to a level most can’t quite comprehend (but that’s ok, we take care of that part for you – so you don’t have to think, you’ll just have to workout and get the results!).

Your training program will be created in a format custom to you and your schedule to ensure you can always stay consistent. Your exercises will be based on your specific limb length and biomechanics; allowing you to use the right exercise variations FOR YOU, so that you avoid injury and get MORE out of LESS work in the gym. Your rest periods, tempos, exercise pairings, intensity methods, and more… ALL based on your personality, your goals, your exercise history, your goals, and what will work best for YOUR body.

Yes – we ask for a minimum commitment of 3 months. This is to ensure that you’re as serious as we are about achieving the results you want. 3 months is also the minimum timeframe because in our experience, it gives us enough time to create a great result AND deliver enough education to you, so that you can sustain the result after the fact. 

This does not mean you pay for the entire 3 months up front. In fact, we encourage monthly payments and avoid paid in full options – this is uncommon, we know. Most companies prefer to get it all up front, so that they’re guaranteed the money right away! But we care more about the result and less about the financial price it costs to be successful.

We also know that, based on research, you will be more accountable by making monthly payments. This is because the recurring bill continues to provide you accountability, whereas the accountability from an upfront payment wears off. This is even true in regards to the coach, too – they are held more accountable to coach at their best level, because their paycheck depends on your experience and results with them.

So truly – we avoid it because monthly recurring coaching is guaranteed, and backed by science, to provide better results to the individual we’re working with, compared to paid in full coaching packages that are commonly seen online.

We will also be upfront with you in your initial call, letting you know whether or not you will be able to achieve your goal in the 3 month period. If it requires more time, we will openly and honestly communicate that to you so that you have full transparency from us and clarity within your mind on what it’s going to take to get you to your goal.

Absolutely! The reality inside the fitness and nutrition coaching industry is that the vast majority of people seeking out coaches are doing so in an attempt to lose body fat – this is primarily due to the fact that a high percentage of today’s society is overweight and people need help.

However, we work with COUNTLESS people who have varying goals and we understand the science, created all the systems, and use all the tools needed in order to accomplish any goal you might have, whether that be muscle growth, hormonal optimization, strength and performance, or simply general health and longevity. No matter what, we got you covered.

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