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Q&A – Smart Gaining, Digestive Stress When Bulking, Adjusting Training Volume and More…

Episode 289

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Show notes

6:05 – I’ve been trying to put on some more size (currently 85kg @ roughly 9%) and I love how I look in terms of leanness but I want to put on some more muscle and size onto my body being tall/lean looking guy I want to be a bit bigger. Logically I know I need to eat a lot to put more size and a fair amount of that being carbs, after being so strict with tracking and count my food I’ve pretty much made myself fearful of putting on size because I don’t want to lose how lean I am and it’s pretty daunting eating so much food and carbs in general. Just reaching out to see if there’s anyone out there with some tips or has suffered from similar things? Happy to elaborate on more if anyone needs.

16:06- How would you adjust nutrition & training for someone running a marathon? Still looking at resistance training 2 days a week as part of the training. Race is mid November!

22:41 – Any tips or good resources for improving mindset, consistency and adherence to diet during weight loss?

25:54 – I have noticed that biofeedback is difficult during hormonal phasing during cycle while on a cut. Example sleep is poor and cravings are high during ovulation and days before menstruation. Do you have any suggestions of macro and/or training adjustments during this time

29:20 – Things you wish someone has told you when you were prepping for a show or a photoshoot

32:25 –  Before you really became dialed in on your nutrition & fitness what ‘junk’ / ‘unhealthy’ foods did you used to enjoy eating all the time.

35:25- How do you know you should add the 5th day of training? How can you tell that 4 days a week is no longer enough? Once you start working out 5 days a week does it mean that a 4 day split will never be effective for you?

39:40 –  I love the gym and like to go 6-7 days a week. I’m in a bulking phase with the goal of doing it for a year. Current goal is to grow my upper body for more strength but would also like constant gains in my legs.

How can I safely continue to go to the gym 7 days a week (60-80 mins each time)? Should one day still be HITT or cardio or LISS or can I focus on volume only because I’m bulking? I also like to throw in a 10k run every 10 days or so

41:40 – Another one: tips on avoiding digestive upset including bloating and constipation while bulking. Should I eat when I’m not hungry and finish my macro meal even if I’m starting to feel full? Trying to follow your advice to eat bro foods means I get to eat a lot and I often feel heavy and full. I am at 3 meals and one snack and I like to fast from 6pm-7am to give my digestion a break, this is why I haven’t broken it up into another meal or snack. I slowly increased over about 4 months from my lowest cutting calories of 1275 to my bulking calories of 1810. I’m still monitoring to see if I am gaining or not because this is my first month of true bulking with a lot of fluctuations. But I’m encountering the problems above as well as that my mind is being messed with. Eating so much and gaining on the scale is hard since I have suffered a lot with anorexia and body dysmorphia in the past

44:10 – Should you always feel full while in surplus? Or is it possible to be in surplus and still often feel hungry especially on training days?

47:50 -Thoughts on mushrooms like maitake, cordyceps, chaga, and lions mane for performance?

50:00 – Can you continue to build strength on a cut?

52:45 – Best education for applicable nutrition coaching?

55:25 – Best podcast for the most simple nutrition advice possible (for newbies)?

56:40 -Beta alanine and citrulline for crossfitters, useful?

59:10 – How do you manage being a dad and staying in shape?

Thanks for listening!

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