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Episode 329

Today we had some “out of the norm questions”… but it made for a great show!

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Show notes

2:30 – BoomBoom Performance Headquarters

12:05 – I am a 26 year old male who is 5ft9in 166 pounds (roughly 11% bf). My current goal is to add some more muscle mass. I am a personal trainer with a good amount of training experience.

Currently I am consuming 2670 kcals per day. 180g protein, 321g carbs, 74g fat. I am training 4 days per week with the current split- day 1- back/ quads. Day 2- shoulders/tris day3- off. Day 4- chest/glutes/hamstrings. Day 5- shoulders/back/bis. Day 6&7 off.

Do you think this plan is in accordance to my goal of gaining size? Thanks

16:30 – I hired a macro coach that set me at 1335 cals for 8 weeks, while working out with weights 6 days a week for 30-40 mins. I went from 137lbs at the start on Monday to 134 Wednesday that week. Over the next 5 weeks I went down to 129. This was rather lean for me at 5’6”.  I was tired but wired, sleeping less and less each week. By the end of 5 wks I had double pneumonia and mono….I was done. I had to stop working out and dieting for about 3-4 wks. Once I started to feel better I went back to dieting and exercising. I lost my cycle, started seeing acne and began losing a lot of hair. I also started binging, and subsequently became 33% of the 95% that regain weight, plus. My cycle has come back and the hair loss is slowing down, I believe due to the overall weekly calories being so high with the binges. I’m floating between 140-144lbs— this is not where I want to be.

My plan is to diligently monitor myself at 1950 for 2 weeks to see where I’m at for maintenance. Im starting at 1950 as a mid between the calculations you mentioned. Hopefully this ends the binges. Once I have good data Then I want to toggle between a small deficit and maintenance for a month and then re adjust depending on the situation.

In your experience how long does it usually take for this to even out, I know everyone is different, but on average? Should I go longer at a “maintenance”to make sure every gets back to good for a while?

26:30 – What advice would you give to someone who (up until recently) worked an active job in retail who later transitioned into a sedentary desk job? Still trying to get 10k steps a day, track macros and lift weights 5-6x a week.

How can someone prevent gaining a ton of weight when it’s inevitable that you’ll be less active than before?

28:55 – What advice do you give to petite and short females for tracking macros during a cut? (I have been impressively consistent in the last 12 weeks on ~1450 calories 150C/140P/30F, losing less than half a pound each week, if at all. I am 5’2 and 130-132lbs. I feel like 1400 is so low but I also think I can go lower if needed. What is your opinion on fat loss and cutting for small females?)

34:00 – What would surprise us from your workout playlist?

38:40 – My question is would you ever consider supplementing your little girls diet with creatine?

41:45 -I’m dealing with a knee injury currently & want to focus on specifically building up my arms & shoulders while I let the knee heal up. I don’t want to lose too much strength in my chest & back during this time though. My current lifting window is small, so I’ve been doing a lot of compound movements up to this point. What would be the best approach to hit the arms for some size?

Do you have a program specifically for this already?

47:45 – If we can reverse up to create a new maintenance for ourselves, could we technically diet down to create a lower set point, and therefore be able to create a surplus easier and then boom put on muscle while eating less food?

51:45 – If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be? Training, diet, fiction, personal development, business.

Thanks for listening!

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