Meal Plans vs. Flexible Dieting, Best Coaching Books, and More…

Episode 462

There are COUNTLESS ways to break up your training across the week. So many variations of training splits that work great (and plenty that don’t). Which one should YOU be using? Well, today… I’m going to help you end the confusion and understand all the pro’s and con’s of the most popular training splits out there.

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Show notes

2:45 – New tattoo story

6:00 – Charity Tee Shirt Sales

8:40 – Is there any risk for People that follow and create their own meal plan and eat the same things for a couple weeks at a time? or is switching up your food every couple weeks alright?

13:20 – For refeed days, how do you make sure the refeed’s caloric intake stays within your weekly calorie deficit if it is a higher calorie day?

25:30 – I just found your podcast and have been devouring all the info. Here’s my question- as a functional nurse practitioner, I am constantly being asked about weight loss. I do refer to nutrition coaches in our area, but how would you address the nutritional needs of a sedentary client? (Non-athlete and those who walks a few miles as week as their only exercise).

30:15 – I’m just in the beginning processes of starting my own online personal training and nutrition coaching business and wanted to let you know that you and brad Jensen are the 2 that I’m looking up to and idolizing the most! I really love your approach to coaching and the way you break down and explain your points on your podcast. Any tips or pointers to a person just starting out?

38:25 – I’ve struggled with this for years, but I consistently wake up in the middle of the night absolutely STARVING. Happens when I’m in a cut, and when I’m just chilling at maintenance. Yesterday for example I ate 200g of protein (I’m 5’7, 140 lbs and around 19% body fat for reference) and here I am, 2 in the morning scarfing down a damn protein bar. What do I do?! Please help this hungry soul…

44:30 – I’ve been reverse dieting since March and I’ve gained 10 pounds going from 1300 to 1700 calories. It’s still creeping up and measurements are going up. I’m 5’9”, 160 pounds and lift 4x/week and am an active mom outside of lifting so I know my maintenance *should* be higher. How long do I keep going and gaining? I need to get to a higher calorie level to be able to cut but I’m way past my comfortable point of body fat.

49:40 – I’ve lost a lot of muscles during the past month due to hormonal issues. Especially my core has gotten very weak. My six pack abs are almost gone. What are the best exercises to strengthen the core asap and also get my six pack back? Thank you so much. LOVE your podcast.

51:50 – Can you name your top 2 books on nutrition and top 2 on fitness/health.

Thanks for listening!

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