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Q&A – Sustaining A Lean Physique, Ice Baths, From Cut To Reverse Diet, & More…

Episode 320

Key Takeaways


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This was a rapid fire Q&A where I dove in to A LOT of amazing questions!

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Show notes

4:35 – Is it possible to hit a point in your lifting where you truly max out despite continuing to train at it? Specifically I am talking about my back squat, it’s been over two years and my back squat PR won’t move. I back squat often, I train variations like paused back squats, low volume, high volume, I worked on my glute strength and activation, strengthened my hamstrings, worked on bracing…I feel like I’ve done all the things and while my PR has improved as far as coming up out of it faster I feel like I’ve hit a wall. Please tell me I have not reached my true potential?

10:45 – Training – What approach would you suggest to build up hamstrings & glutes for someone who sits a lot for their job? Seems like whenever I try to do squats I’m wrecked for days.

17:35 – Nutrition – Are you putting out any other recipe books in the future?

19:25 – Supplement – At what point would using adaptogens be recommended vs just reducing stress?

21:25 – Random – If you could only drink one coffee for the rest of your life what would it be & how would it be prepared?

23:22 – What are your current physique goals?

28:30 – When is it safe to actively lose fat after you recovered from hypothalamic amenorrhea that lasted years rather than months? What is the safest way to lose some of the weight you had to gain to get your period back providing there’s no deadlines and no performance goals?

32:23 – Proper way of measuring vegetables like squash which has hit amounts of water prior to cooking and is soggy when cooked. Weight changes so it is a bit confusing to be accurate

35:54 – Ok, so I want to tackle a marathon during my 35th year of life, so, January sometime. If so , I want to challenge my bod to do an ultramarathon, relays, maybe a hike to Machu Picchu. Best training plan you have and best way to avoid overuse injuries along the way?

38:10 – I would like to know your opinion on power naps. Are they beneficial after a rough or short night? Or does it hinder your sleep in the evening?

40:00 – Recommendations on lifting for endurance athletes

42:35 – How would you personally go about trying to maintain as close to your recent photoshoot physique as you could?

46:35 – When coming out of a cutting phase and starting a reverse diet, how many cals would you recommend to increase each week to minimize fat gain?

50:07 – Are cold showers every day / ice baths / /cold packs etc. beneficial for someone who’s almost always freezing in the cold months ? Is it also beneficial if that’s because of thyroid problem?

52:15 – Best approach for an underweight man to build muscle and strength? I feel like the usual recommendation with 100-200 calories surplus per day is way to low to see any noticeable progress

55:25 – I’d like to hear you talk about how the nutrition coaching process works for your team please. Philosophy, how check-ins work, how you pair a client with a coach, etc. thanks!

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