Breaking Fat Loss Plateaus, Handling Unmotivated Clients, and More…

Episode 575

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Show notes


5:45 – How do we decide what kind of training program is best for us?

16:25 – I feel silly for asking this but I have a hard time wanting to work out my upper body. I have naturally large biceps and the last thing I want to do is grow them. But I do want a more defined back. Any suggestions of movements that have minimal bicep engagement to still develop my back?

23:20 – How do you handle clients who are not that motivated? Or don’t do what you tell them to do? Or are stubborn? As coaches I get that we’re here to “motivate” and provide support, but there are those clients who don’t take it as seriously as they portray themselves to and then you feel frustrated like you’re wasting your time.

33:12 – How to narrow your niche to an audience that you know will put in the work and are serious about it

44:07 – How much time should pass with no changes in weight for you to be able to say you hit a plateau? You mentioned on a previous podcast that your drops of weight are sometimes very small and even hard to notice – my weight has been dropping very slow (0.2-0.4kg/week). I’ve been doing a 5 days deficit/2 day refeed split. Is it maybe that I go too high in calories on refeed days, even if my weekly deficit is gradually lowering?

Also, if there is a sudden spike (like + 2kg) in the middle of the week, do you count it in the average, even though it stands out that much and was probably retention?

51:42 -I have a client who has been under eating for years but in a surplus/maintenance for a year now and is at about her “set point” weight. Hormones are still a mess, no cycle & she has high stress. Labs show low progesterone and she has gained some body fat she wants to lose. Do I take her into a moderate cut and see if her body responds? Or keep trying to resolve the hormone issues even though she’s uncomfy? Or any other hormone/estrogen dominance tips would be great!

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