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Episode 250

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Today, we cover ALL your nutrition questions… when I say “all”, I literally mean ALL! We covered everything you can possibly think of and have probably already asked or wondered, in today’s FAQ podcast.

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Show notes

5:20 – Why is the CICO model so important for body compensation changes?

8:20 – Why do you focus on macros with so many of your clients?

11:34 – Should we eat the same amount on the rest days as on training day?

14:21 – How long should I cut calories for when my goal is fat loss?

19:00 – How many calories should I cut to initiate weight/fat loss?

23:00 – What’s the purpose of a refeed day? Diet break? Why choose one over the other?

29:50 – How many calories over maintenance do I need to eat in order to accomplish productive hypertrophy (muscle gain)?

38:40 – Is there ever a point to drop calories back down when your goal is performance or hypertrophy?

40:49 – Why do you focus on protein first and keep it so high for weight loss goals?

43:18 – What is more important to eat post workout, protein or carbs?

46:38 – Does pre workout nutrition matter? Or does it all just come down to daily intake?

49:57 – Can you eat out at restaurants often and still lose fat/weight?

52:27 – How much water should I actually be drinking?

54:01 – Does fat store in your body as body fat easier than carbohydrates?

57:07 – Should I be on a low fat/high carb or a high carb/low fat diet?

58:57 – How many meals per day should I be eating?

1:01:20 – Thoughts on keto for performance and body composition changes?

1:05:12 – Why are macros listed prior to micros on the nutritional hierarchy/pyramid?

1:07:50 – What is nutritional periodization?

1:09:35 – Plant vs. Animal based protein? What’s the difference? What’s better?

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