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Episode 489

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Show notes

0:45 – TCM Monthly Giveaway

3:40 – I’ve been counting Macros for a while now and I am in a cut at the moment, I’m planning on doing it for 12 weeks with 2 high carb days per week. My macros at the moment for high carb are 150/200/55 and low carb day is 150/160/55F. My weight is still going down and I’m 5 weeks in, once it slows down I will drop calories a little more. I am then planning to go up to maintenance for 12-14 weeks and doing a cut again in Jan 2021 and then going to maintenance/bulk in April/May for like 6 months or more. Does this sound like a good plan?

6:55 – My lower body seems to require very little volume, but my upper body seems to require more. Am I better off to do upper, lower, push, pull, legs instead of just push pull to get an extra upper day in? I am a competitive powerlifter but also like to work on muscle development and size especially in off season

10:40 – When taking a diet break during a fat loss phase, how do you know what to set your maintenance calories at, since true maintenance has decreased over the course of the fat loss phase?

15:20 – I’ve recently started weight training again after taking 5 months off. I’ve studied your power building training structure heavily and decided to run the upper, lower, push, pull, legs split. My goal is to gain strength and muscle, but I miss running. Is there a way to fit running into the split I mentioned without interfering with gaining muscle and strength? To what degree would running affect my goals? Would a different split be better to do both running and strength training?

20:35 – I think my maintenance WAS around 1700 to 1800 cals, I’m 16 weeks in on fat loss and down 10 lbs. My calories are low right now…1200-1300 and it’s sustainable for now. My plan is to end at 24 weeks. But I want to include diet breaks but I have never done it before. What should I increase my calories to? And how often? I really don’t want to ruin my metabolism by staying so low for long and not see progress, but I want to lose another 6 pounds.

37:27: I train 5-6 days a week, I’m 5’1”, and when I am my leanest I am 111 pounds. Been tracking macros for years, however, it seems I can only get to my leanest when I cut fat drastically. Current macros are 140c 140p and 30f for a 3 week cut. I’ve tried cutting with different macro proportions (still in caloric deficit) and do not lose weight. A recent cut at 120p 100c and 40f got me no where in 8 weeks. Just curious if you’ve had a client like this? Do you recommend cutting fat that low for a short period of time?

45:50 – When doing a refeed or diet break, are you going back up to maintenance calories or under since you may have a new maintenance intake? Or would you suggest a calorie range such as adding in 200 calories on refeed days?

46:40 – What is the harm or side effects from eating a higher fat diet? I am eating at maintenance and I’ve noticed I tend to crave higher-fat foods. I am 5’ 5” and weigh 158. My maintenance calories are 2500. Average macros for the last week are 225C/95F/155P. Should I change my distribution of fats + carbs? My goal is to build muscle and I’m staying at maintenance for the rest of the year.

50:30 -Can someone with adrenal/hormonal issues improve aesthetically or is it hopeless?

52:00 – Did quarantine benefit the podcast industry?

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