Timing Your Cut, Measuring A Reverse Diets Effectiveness, and More…

Episode 523

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Show notes

4:55 – Black Friday Sale

9:00 – Discussing next charity shirt

15:25 – Who’s your favorite person to learn from in business?

24:45 – I’ve been going hard for over a year; my “rest” days are going for a run, usually 10-15km. I hit 10000k steps nearly every day, and weight train 6-7x week. No injuries because I train hard, but also smart. I use full ROM, and also see improvements week to week, like load PRs, or more reps. Progression isn’t foreign to me, however my volume per session and weekly training volume is very high when I compare it to RP’s strength MRVs and volume landmarks. Typically my session will include 4-5 supersets, each 3-5 sets, with reps from 5-15. I feel so burnt out, but at this level I’m not sure how to even find a MEV, or MV. All the templates I read say to experiment on your own meso, however mine has been so high for so long, I’m scared to take volume that low. Do you think a desensitization phase would help? How do you handle anxiety from not being able to exercise?

35:05 – How to know when is the right time to start a cut (different per person) but minimum intake?

41:05 – How do you measure if a reverse diet is going appropriately? Do you have any specific ranges or percentages you consider acceptable?

45:00 – Full disclosure I work out a lot. Rest is hard for me. I’m lifting 4 days, doing an hour of LISS (walks) 2 days, a higher intensity random like interval type workout one day. I average 18,000 steps a day. I get like 6 hours of sleep, work full time as a lawyer mostly from home, have 2 kids (6 & 4) that are in school 4 days a week, my husband works nights so I am solo for all dinner/bedtime stuff every night. It’s a lot. I have been tracking at maintenance for about a year and have been in a really good spot mentally/physically until the last 3-4 months or so. By anyone else’s estimate I probably look the same as I did when I felt my best but I can see and feel some changes. I have some dysmorphia issues. But for real, I’ve put on about 5-6 lbs, measurements have been up slightly. I can’t seem to get back on track. I think I’m burnt out & don’t know what I should do to sort of get myself motivated and back into it. Any advice?

52:17 – Most effective way to do client check ins. Video call? Email? How do you check over their food choices throughout the week?

56:05 – If someone spends roughly a year bulking, generally speaking, how long would a cut last?

Thanks for listening!

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