Dr. Becky Campbell – “Healing Your Thyroid”

Episode 217

Today’s guest is Dr. Becky Campbell, Functional Medicine Practitioner and author of the book – “The 30 Day Thyroid Reset” (Grab your copy here). 

This episode will be unbelievably helpful to anyone who has or wants to avoid (or coaches people in those positions) a thyroid disease or dysfunction. Which may be more of you than you may realize, because it’s unfortunately extremely common. We cover A LOT when it comes to healing your thyroid, so be ready to take notes!

Find Dr. Beck Campbell on instagram @drbeckycampbell or on her website www.drbeckycampbell.com


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Show notes

(4:20) – Becky Campbell Story

(7:18) – How Connected Is The Thyroid To Everything Else?

(10:08) – Do You Have A Certain Brand Or Place Of Recommendation To Get Hormones Tested?

(10:52) – How Common Is Thyroid Disease? What Percent Of People Have It?

(12:10) – What Symptoms Should People Really Keep An Eye On For The Thyroid?

(13:20) – What’s The Difference in Hypo vs. Hyper Thyroid Disease?

(14:45) – What’s Causing Thyroid Disease To Be So Common In Today’s Society? Genetics? Over-Training?

(15:50) – How Important Are The Little Habits In Preventing Thyroid Disease?

(17:03) – When We Are Classifying The Difference Between Hyper And Hypo Thyroidism, Is One Or More Common Than The Other?

(17:25) – Is There A Way To Reverse The Thyroid Disease So People Can Stop Taking Medication? If So, How Long Can This Take??

(21:25) – Do You See People With Thyroid Issues That Are Eating Gluten And Don’t Get A Specific Response?

(23:17) – Do You Find That People That Don’t Have Thyroid Issues Should Still Be Avoiding Gluten?

(24:35) – Do You See Thyroid Issues Happen With Under Eating?

(27:22) – Do You Feel Like People Are More Likely To Get Thyroid Issues From A Low Carb Diet?

(28:25) – Do You Encourage a Focus on Sodium, Salt And Iodine Into Your Clients Protocols?

(30:32) – What Is The Biggest Issue With Training That You See Affecting The Thyroid?

(35:30) – Can You Explain What You Mean By The Thyroid Being The “Control Center”?

(36:15) – Does The Thyroid Have A Big Effect On Your Nervous System?

(37:00) – Your Book Is Called “The 30 Day Thyroid Reset”. Can You Break Down How People Can Expect To Through Your Book?

(40:05) – What Do You Think The Biggest Thing You Can Do To Help The Gut Issues?

(42:20) – Beside Fermented Foods, Is There Any Foods That People Should Try To Include In Their Diet That Will Affect The Thyroid in A Positive Way?

(44:45) – Is There Any Supplements That You Recommend To People?

(46:35) – What Is Your Opinion On Vegan Or Vegetarian Diets?

(48:50) – What Is Your Opinion On The Carnivore Diet?

(51:00) – What Is Your Opinion On The IIFYM Group?

(53:24) – Where Can People Find You And Your Content?

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