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Q&A – Barefoot Training, Letting Go The Past, Alcohol & Flexible Dieting, and More….

Episode 192

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Show notes

(7:40) – How did the new tattoo turn out?

(10:04) – Deload Weeks In the Middle Of a program (and more on deloads)

(16:11) – Favorite Methods Of Recovery (balancing sympathetic vs. parasympathetic)

(24:55) – What is the wildest diet someone has come to you following? (And what I did)

(28:03) – What is your go to song that gets you pumped up?

(28:40) – Exercises to work on Valgus Knees (knee buckles/caving in)

(35:05) – What are your thoughts on Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss

(39:34) – How do you lose body fat percentage and not lose muscle?

(45:31) – Can You keep changing your body composition at maintenance calories for a long period of time?

(50:14) – What is your opinion on adding variety to your macros/diet.

(54:32) – Is not going barefoot during training causing a lot of knee, hip, and back pain? Should coaches and trainers start implementing foot strength into their programs?

(58:00) – Letting go of past failures and mindsets and using them as tools to progress you in the present.

(1:00:25) – How does Alcohol fit into a flexible diet when you count macros?

(1:06:18) – Explain More about intra workout carbs. When to use them. Pros and Cons for fat loss? Do you use them for other than pure lifting? Do they work well with CrossFit?

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