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311 – Q&A – Built For You, Determining The Best Macros, And Optimal Rep Ranges

Episode 311

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Topics Covered:

– Talking about Built For You, The New Ebook Training Program

– First off man just gotta say thank you for all the quality shit you pump out. All real and relatable stuff that genuinely makes people better. Kudos to you. With that being said, what goes into deciding the best macros for a client? Like are there particular things you look for such as adherence, food sensitivity, etc. Thank you man and keep being the positive dude you are ??

– I’m 48 years old and I’ve been lifting consistently (not necessarily effectively) for about 3-4 years now.  Just about a year ago I read Mike Matthews’ book Bigger Leaner Stronger and “discovered” the principle of progressive overload.  I quote that because I sort of intuitively knew the principle of needing to add resistance to progress but had never really heard the term itself.  I started lifting with the Beachbody program Body Beast (Sagi Kalev) and then ultimately transitioned about two years ago to a local coach duo and trained for my first NPC Men’s Physique competition.

My question is in regards to how I need to approach my training to try and add lean mass in order to be more competitive in physique competitions.   I’ve been listening to your podcasts as well as Mike Matthews, Eric Trexler, Eric Helms etc. Should I use the progressive overload approach doing 4-6 rep sets and alternate every 2-3 weeks with a “hypertrophy” round of 8-10 reps for 2-3 weeks?  Or should I focus mainly on sticking to one concept and dropping in weeks off deload or rest?

Also when you talk about overall load for a workout routine you discuss reps x sets x weight.  If that calculation is let’s say 3000, for a heavy week, (4-6 reps per set) does that correspond equally to the same calculation if I’m doing 8-10 reps per set with lighter weights?  I’m basically asking if they would be equally effective if the load calculation is relatively the same?

– With your recent podcast about hypertrophy nutrition, if someone was hanging out at maintenance for a while and wanting to start putting some muscle mass on, I learned how to figure out macros (thank you), but am I correct in thinking you’d want to give them that extra 3-10% calorie increase all at once and not gradually go up like a reverse?


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