How To Use RIR, Gyms Opening Back Up, Newbies vs. Advanced, and More…

Episode 430

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Show notes

3:15 – I was wondering if you could explain how to program using RIR. Would you use this more for compound lifts or would it apply to both compound and accessory movements?

9:20 – Say you have an untrained individual and a trained individual, both have the same stress levels/nutrition/hormones/etc. would the trained individual recover from micro trauma better than an untrained individual? With all variables being equal? Or does it solely depend on the other factors I mentioned like nutrition?

Like would the inflammatory response be different in the trained individual due to greater adaptations to training vs the untrained individual?

16:30 – BCAAs necessary/optimal for fasted training (lifting and cardio)?

19:45 – IS our muscle sensitive to protein after a workout?

22:50 -Opinion on having kids in school learn the basics of training. I.e. form, recovery, nutrition, etc…

31:15 – Suggestions or advice for someone who isn’t in a position to afford a coach or mentor?

40:55 – Dreaming here… but what do we do when the gym reopens? I wanna go hard in the paint, but I’m also 43

44:40 – Is it necessary to keep reducing calories to be in a deficit? Or can diet breaks combat that?

46:55 – I am starting week 2 of a 12-week cut that will last until July 4th. Female, 23 years old, 158 pounds. Calories are set to 1750 – 160P/55F/153C. This is the first “serious” cut that I am doing, as I tried to cut previously but had issues with consistency. I’ve done some mindset work to help me adhere and I’m in a much better spot mentally! My question is centered around how I periodize training. I first started lifting weights 2.5 years ago doing bootcamp style workouts 2-3 times per week with 2 days of cardio. I did that for 1.5 years. I did OTF for 6 months after that before I started focusing on strength training. I got bored with my repetitive lifts and now follow a program that is 5 days split: legs, upper body, HIIT cardio, back & chest, full body. (Sometimes I do a sixth day and train legs twice.) Movements are reps are varied week to week, but volume is in the 8 – 15 rep range. I am interested in doing a hypertrophy program after my cut and want to follow a Tailored Coaching Method program. What program would you recommend? For best results, should I wait until I finish my cut to start a new training program? Thank you so much for all that you share!

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