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Episode 350

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Show notes

4:48 – Have no idea what my cals were before I started tracking. I’m guessing they was too low as I’m eating a ton more food now after an 8 week cut in the summer. I went from 114lbs down to 110lbs. I ended my cut on 1350 cals. I’ve been reversing for 9 weeks now and have gotten my calories to 1750. 130p 50f 195c.

I am 5’2 and the scale has gone down I’m now 108, 109 when in my cycle. (Retaining water) I have noticed my neat is now pretty high. I just seem to have a lot more energy. Sleep and mood is ok. Performance is great. Should I keep upping my cals? I’m shocked that I’ve hit 1750 with no gain. Before the summer I imagine I was averaging 1,400 cal a day. This is just an estimate as I was not tracking. I would say I am eating at least 80g more carbs. So how is someone as small as I am able to eat this much without gaining a single pound?

12:04 – I have been slowly catching up on all the old podcast episodes as I listen to the new ones within hours of them coming out, and a few times I’ve heard you say that the 1 g of protein per pound of body weight may not apply to smaller females. I am currently in the middle of a reverse diet eating around 1500 cal and going to bump up more soon. I am 5’3 and weigh about 110 lbs. I have my current protein goal said at 115 g per day, is this too low? would i benefit more from a higher protein lower carb split? most of my carbs are coming from vegetables and fruits and one serving of oatmeal a day but I also really enjoy eating protein. current macros at 115 protein 170 carb 40 fat. is this too little protein?

17:00 – Okay, So my details are 5 9” , 130-135 lbs ( don’t have much access to scale) 266C 62F 123P , Workout – 4-5 days upper/lower 2x with full body on 5th day -job preschool teacher so on my feet a good bit. Goal: stay in a maintenance keep my physique or get more muscle. Overall be healthy. Love to workout Now to the question. I reversed with a coach over the summer but had to stop due to the cost. I got to this maintenance and was super pleased. Even lost fat through the process and have the most muscle definition I have ever had in my life. But family members are telling I look too lean and are nervous it will effect me having kids later on. I know it’s hard without seeing me or knowing body fat % but I don’t know what to do next?! I haven’t seen a doctor and it cause me to over eat and then make up with under eating on other days (robbing Peter thing). It has worked but I feel stuck and would love your advice on situation.

25:19 – I have EDS and all my joints are extremely hypermobile so my balance and stability are terrible and they pop out of place a lot. Building muscle is crucial for long term as the muscles can support the joints where tendons and ligaments can not. However because of the joint issues it’s hard for me to lift heavy and also lots of volume – volume can lead to intense joint pain and too heavy my joints come out of place. I’ve been lifting for a few years now and I am at a loss of how to progress. The condition affects collagen so all of my body is affected and I definitely build muscle slower anyway (in addition to the joint issues). Do you have any advice on building muscle with this kind of obstacles?

28:15 – Tips for a 20 year old female athlete that has been training for about 3 years and that is wanting to participate in their first figure competition this upcoming May!

31:05 – Training when recovering from adrenal fatigue: Strength training only or also hiit/hit or cardio? And ways to fix it?!

35:30 – Currently bulking (first time ever after always chasing fat loss). Maintenance calories around 2150- and currently eating at 2400. I’ve been bulking for about 6 weeks- and I’ve been slowly gaining on track (.5lb a week) for 4 weeks. However, the last 2 weeks I’ve been losing again! Does metabolic adaptation work in the reverse as well as the deficit? Should I increase my calories or wait it out? Could this be because of new muscle growth this resulting in a higher metabolic rate? So…I guess that’s 3 questions.

38:48 – I have to go on a 6 week long field session with my school over the summer (mostly lots of camping bc I’m a geology major and we have to map the Rockies) and I won’t have access to a gym during that time. What can I do to maintain my muscle and stay fit and healthy?

41:12 – What is your current supplement/micronutrient stack?

45:15 – The Ultimate Guide to Gym Swag

46:35 – What are your thoughts on a slow-release carb-like Generation UCan? I use it occasionally if I’m doing a long endurance workout or on a rare day I do a long cycling class after my strength training. Would I be better off trying to eat something in between instead?

49:10 – Can someone reverse diet/lean bulk, if they aren’t strength training sufficiently? If yes, then what is the minimal stimulus needed to make gaining beneficial. Context, so you understand what I mean: I train an older gentleman two times per week. We’ve been training for a while and he’s lost over 80 pounds mostly through calorie deficit increased activity in the gym and also he walks on the treadmill. We’ve about reached his goal weight and I want to start upping his calories so that he can be at a more manageable maintenance as opposed to the aggressive deficit he used to lose the weight, but we only strength train two times per week for an hour, and not very intensely because of his age and limitations. Is it possible for him to go into a surplus and not put on fat/put on muscle, or is there not enough of a muscle-building stimulus?

53:20 – Best course, program, or mentor you can recommend for gen-pop mindset/lifestyle coaching? Everything seems geared towards business owners or entrepreneurs I’m finding.

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