Sauna Suits, Binge Eating, Snakes in The Bed, and More…

Episode 509

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Show notes


1:25 – TCM T-Shirt Giveaway

7:35 – If I want to grow my glutes but not overdevelop my quads – should I take squats out of my programming and replace them with more hip hinge movements like deadlifts and hip thrusts?

11:30 – Thoughts on a mini cut during a bulk? Even if you don’t drop a lot of fat just having a week off of higher calories as a break?

16:10 – What are your best methods to enforce new habits?? Is there also a point where self accountability is just not enough? I feel more comfortable keeping my goals and plan to myself but I’m not being consistent enough

21:21 – How can we tell if we are losing reps in our second exercise for a muscle group or even a different muscle group later in the workout due to pushing harder on the first exercise for that muscle?

24:00 – How important is it to have isolation exercises in your training program? When I lift at home I am only able to do Barbell and Dumbbell exercises since I don’t have access to a leg extension and leg curl machine for isolation. Can you build a decent amount of muscle with compound lifts only?

27:50 – What’s the difference between a Deload week and a restorative week?

34:00 – I’ve suffered with insomnia for years, I know how important it is for my recovery and general health but sometimes, no matter how good I am with my sleep hygiene, it takes a good while to get my sleep back under control. I still train during these times because I love it and want to be consistent but I worry about the stress that’s putting on my body. Should I be concerned? Is it ok to just carry on training as normal?

44:55 – I’ve just started a lean bulk. I increased calories from 1800 to 2000, but now my gut is killing me… why?

48:10 – Thoughts on sauna suits to help with weight loss?

54:55 – How to help clients stop binge eating?

1:00:40 – I have a potential client that doesn’t want to gain weight, needs to quit smoking, and wants an easy meal plan but doesn’t want to eat the same thing every day and she eats out a lot… how would you recommend tackling this one?

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